I dont believe this but…

Ok, this is crazy but my broadband provider are asking me to pay 5.99 a month for the use of an email address. Imagine that! I am refusing to pay it! I refuse to pay for an email address. I mean there is Gmail, which I am now using. Gmail is free! It is more than adequate for my needs! Why would I pay 5.99 a month? Another subscription? No way! So I am canceling my email with Eir..who are my provider. If any of you had my email addy, please update it. My new one is
Any of you my blogger buddies can feel free to email me any time!
I am always up for a chat!
I am so annoyed at Eir though! I pay a lot for my eir services, which include TV, phone, broadband etc. This is just a money grabbing thing, if you ask me.

I made a new group, would love it if you’d be part of it

so I made a new email group. its a kinda announcement updates list for me to post things to all of my friends all at once.
I’d love it if you’d be part of it!
If you’d like to be a part of it then please send me a comment with your email address in it and I’ll send an invite to you.
I’d like to get all of my contacts on to the group, that way when I post I will only have to post to one place.
dont worry, the blog is not going anywhere. this is just another way for me to post things to all of you all in one go!
so do let me know if you’d like an invite!

Damn computers

I’ve had to deal with my computer not working properly all day today.
I had work, and when I got there, my email programme wouldnt open up.
I reinstalled it, but it still wouldnt open for me.
Eventually, I had to use a different email programme.
I came home, and went on the computer, and eventually I fixed it.
I’ve been using outlook express, which is a very old email programme, but there is a version for windows and thats what I am using.
Anyway, its fixed now, and everything looks ok again.
Thank goodness I was able to still work today, as I had windows livemail on my machine, and so I was able to use that, and get my call list that my supervisor emailed on to me.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

Oh my bad

Well it turns out that I was the cause of my internet not working! Well not my internet, but my email. I was trying to set it up on my mac. I entered what I thought was my password, only to find out that actually I’d changed it and was entering in the wrong one.
Lol. I am so stupid sometimes! I cant believe I forgot I’d changed it!
Anyway all is good now! It works! I managed to set up my account on the mac, and all is fine with it!


I’m so frustrated, I can’t get into my email account, I was trying to set it up on my Mac and it wouldn’t set up, then I realised it wouldn’t let me login on my other Windows PC either, or on my phone.

I tried and tried and just got more and more frustrated. So I went and took a shower. I’m done now and still I can’t get into it.

The joys of computers and email. I love them but sometimes they frustrate me to no end.

The lecturer emailed us back about our group work project

So I just read the email that one of our lecturers sent myself and Denise about what happened during our group work project. They’re looking into it. He acknowledged that working in a group was challenging, when everyone is at different accademic levels, and he said adults do seem to have a lot of challenges with group work, as different people learn differently and some pull their weight while others dont seem to. He said he had to speak with the other lecturer about the allegations we made, but that he was just responding to us now, as he felt our email deserved a timely response from one of them. He said he’d have to get back to us again once he’d spoken to Brenda who is the head of the course. He thanked us for emailing, and said he’d noted what we’d said. He also thanked us for all of our work on our project, all of the work we’d put in to it. I feel he did what he could now, but I am hopeful once they’ve chatted they’ll get back to us again with an outcome. I dont think these 3 individuals should get away with what they did. I doubt they will though. At least I’d hope not.
I’m happy for now with his response. It was worded well and he said did what he could given the circumstances.

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Omg such bs with my ISP

I cannot believe it. My ISP sucks. They really fucking suck.

I tried to create a second email account, with the ISP I get my broadband from. I have one email address with them, but I cannot remember my password to get in, as its a very old address. I also cant remember the security questions the answers to them I mean. I did set it up years ago, like 12 years ago. So how am I supposed to still remember that info?

I am able to get in to my email account now, but only because the password is saved on my computer. But if I ever have to resubmit the info on a new machine, I wont be able to do it. So I thought, to save time, I’d just sign up for a new account.

How wrong I was! I cant do it! I tried googling th einfo to do it. No joy. I tried ringing tech support, and after a very long wait I got through to some guy who didn’t even know whether it was actually possible to do this or not. He had to go ask a supervisor.

It isn’t possible to set up more than one email addy with this ISP service. He told me go set up a gmail account. Which I would, but that was also proving difficult for me.

I am beyond pissed. Its so annoying. All I wanted was to get a new email address, a simple thing or it should be, right?


Anyway, I do have a back up so will use that one for now. I should try to use the same password for everything shouldn’t I? That way I wouldn’t ever be stuck or locked out of places.

I’m trying to transfer all activity over to another account now, and gosh but I have given my email addy out to so many places, including audible, amazon, my phone and electric companies, my company who collects my bins, etc. So so many places to go change it at.

I’ll get there I’m sure. I’m just in a bit of a frazzled mood tonight.