I dont believe this but…

Ok, this is crazy but my broadband provider are asking me to pay 5.99 a month for the use of an email address. Imagine that! I am refusing to pay it! I refuse to pay for an email address. I mean there is Gmail, which I am now using. Gmail is free! It is more than adequate for my needs! Why would I pay 5.99 a month? Another subscription? No way! So I am canceling my email with Eir..who are my provider. If any of you had my email addy, please update it. My new one is
Any of you my blogger buddies can feel free to email me any time!
I am always up for a chat!
I am so annoyed at Eir though! I pay a lot for my eir services, which include TV, phone, broadband etc. This is just a money grabbing thing, if you ask me.

Get in touch with me

If anyone wants to email me, you can feel free to do it. I am ok with private correspondence. My email should you wish to contact me is


I hope to hear from some of you.