College stuff, drama mostly

So for our final part of college before summer break, we had to do a group project. We had to do up a poster, and do a presentation on it. So there are 5 people in my group. Or there were. There was a ton of drama, basically, one member didn’t like how we did the presentation, he didn’t like what we were putting on our poster, he wanted to do things his way or no way and that’s even after myself and my friend denise did all of the work for the other 3 members, we wrote out their parts of the presentation, we basically did everything for them, all because we care about our grade, we care if we pass or fail. They did write some stuff out, but I sware, you couldn’t hand up what they wrote, it was like something a 10 year old would write, not something an adult wrote. So we did all the work, the one guy complained, and then when my friend basically told him off, the other guy complained that we were being bitchy and that he wasn’t going to stay in our group. I sware such childish drama. I don’t need it. So myself and Denise decided that we’ll do our own thing. We’re going to cut ties with the group and the two of us are going to do our poster presentation on shine, that’s the place that runs the basement club. We’re both members, and we’re both familiar with the services of shine, and the policies and stuff. I think this is going to solve a lot of the issues. Denise is going to email the other 3 members, to tell them, and also to tell them that they’re not to use our work, that they can go ahead and write their own pieces, but that they aren’t to use our writing. I don’t think they’ll be very happy, but oh well. It serves them right, they shouldn’t be so ungrateful and starting drama, texting our WhatsApp group 20 times this afternoon, each message more drama filled than the previous one. We’re not up for that. We’re all adults…we should be able to act accordingly. So denise and me have a week to get this together, as we’re presenting next Wednesday. I think we can do it. We’re going to go in to the basement club tomorrow and talk to the staff and ask them for their help.

Did you know? March 28th

Did you know?
That today is Czechoslovakian Teachers Day? This day celebrates the birthday of Jan Amos Komensky (1592), a Moravian educational reformer. He favored the learning of Latin to facilitate the study of European culture but emphasized learning about things rather than about grammar per se.


Open morning for college

so this morning I went to an open morning. It was an open morning for the mental health in the community college course I want to start. It was very interesting. I realised after going to it that I definitely have an interest in doing this course.
We learned about the course, the structure of it, what we’d be doing etc. We’ll be covering four modules. Policy and practice, WRAP, the theory of mental illnesses, and community development. There will also be a research skill component in the course.
It starts on 5th december. We’ll do the WRAP module before christmas. WRAP usually costs 200 euro for a two day workshop, but they are offering it in this course as part of the course work. Which I am super glad about as I’ve never done WRAP before.
I filled out the application form and tonight I have to write a personal statement about why I want to do the course and about where I’m coming from etc. I plan on putting in it that I am a service user, that I work on friendly call and that I want to do this course both because I work in the field and work with mental illness related issues and also because as a service user and a person with lived experience of mental health difficulties I am really interested in it.
It looks like I might be successful though and get a place on the course. I am hopeful. There are about 25 places for people on the course.
So good things ahead for me if I do this. I am excited. Cant wait to start. Its a year long course. And at the end you graduate with a level six qualification, a certificate in mental health in the community.


Tech for the blind! go fund me!

So I have made a go fund me page. To raise money for the tech gadgets that I need, which are very expensive as they are specialised!
Can you all reblog, and or share this page with your friends? I’d really appreciate it!

thanks guys!

#whatif prompt 9-5-2018

Today’s prompt over at what if we all cared is:

high school regrets

Ok, do I have some? Of course. So what are they?

Well not finishing, is my biggest regret. I got sick in my 2nd last year. I was having severe PTSD symptoms. That was when I transferred to mainstream school and was doing my final 3 years at a school here in cork. Not a school for disabled people, but a mainstream school.

I got sick, and was hospitalised for a few weeks. After coming out of hospital, I didnt go back to school. Of course I was also being bullied then, so that didnt help matters.

Thats my biggest regret though, not going back. It hasnt stopped me from going to college though. Getting a degree and an education. I still did that in later years as an adult.


Career preparation

one of my modules on the ILS course is career preparation. this morning I worked on that module. Its quite detailed. There are a lot of different exercises to fill out for it. I made a personal profile. That was not too hard. I had to talk about my strengths, talents, goals and achievements, qualifications, education, etc. I had to pick out careers that I thought suited my personality and profile. Then I had to answer questions on planning a career. I had to explain terms like career, work, casual work, and so on. I spent about an hour and a half working on th e folder. I got a lot of work done. It was great. If I keep working at the pace I am working at now, I will have the module ready to be handed in for the summer and I should have my certificate for it by mid august. My tutor said hopefully the module will help me figure out where I want to go when I am finished the ILS course, I kinda want to work parttime, but we’ll see. It really depends on if I can find a suitable job, if not then I might do a CE scheme, community employment scheme. That is where you work 20 hours a week somewhere, but you only get payed for the work you do by the government, so it is kinda slave labour because your doing the same work that a full time employee would do but your getting a government payment for it. We’ll see. First I need to do this module, and then research jobs and schemes and stuff.

finishing up one of my modules on the independent living skills course

so I just got some good news! I thought I was way behind on my work experience module, and I found out I am not!
Yay! I am so glad!
I have the majority of the module finished. I just have to write my thank you letter to my employer, and my reflections on my work experience process. I cant do those though until I’ve finished my work experience. I also have to finish the diary I am keeping about my work experience.
I have 7 weeks of my work experience completed now. Cant believe I’ve been there 7 weeks already!
I am meant to do 10 weeks in total.
I will probably do longer if Anita is happy to keep me on. But after 10 weeks I can do the rest of the stuff that i need to do to finish up the module.
There is also a team work exercise that needs to be completed but I cant complete that unless one of my class mates is in to help me because we’re meant to work in teams to do it.
So yeah progress is being made and I am happy!