Who knew salad could taste so good?

I’ve really gotten to love salads.

I mean, you can dress it up in so many ways.

Mom made salad for me and her for our lunch today.

We had lettuce, red onion, peppers, and we put a vinegarette dressing on it.

We had turkey on the side, and pickles too.

And mom made fries with it, and I thought the hot fries, with the cold salad went well together.

I think though, it’s the dressing that makes a salad.

I’m on a mission to try a lot of different dressings this summer.

I’m glad it is coming into summer now, because, that means we can eat more salad.

Mom decided to have beetroot with hers, but I don’t like beetroot so I didn’t have any.

I don’t like tomatoes that are cold either. I like them in cooked things though, strange, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m all full now, and very satisfied.