I slept the entire day away!
I was so tired! I didnt have to be anywhere, and I didnt have anything I needed to be doing. So sleep I did.
It felt so good. I needed the rest! I have been pretty awful about eating today though. All I’ve really eaten was some fruit and some cerial.
I know thats not good! I need to eat!
I just wasnt in the mood to cook anything! Did you ever have days like that, where cooking feels like its this huge thing, and you dont feel up to it? Thats how I felt!
I was going to stay home this weekend, but the weather is supposed to be really stormy tomorrow night, so I didnt want to be here alone. So after work tomorrow I will go to mom and dads for the weekend. Mom said she’ll make vegetable soup for me, I’ll have a huge pot of it all to myself, homemade vegetable soup! Yum!
I have my PA coming tomorrow morning, then I have work in the afternoon, I think I’ll be going in early, and I’ll go straight to mom and dads then when I’m finished on friendly call.
I’m probably not going to be able to sleep tonight now though…after all the sleep I got today!
Oh well! It is ok!

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Food log april 24th

Todays food log was good, I ate well, made healthy choices. Heres what my food log consisted of today.

A banana, and a yogurt, cup of coffee.

Mid morning:
A cup of coffee

a chicken sandwich, some fruit and a bottle of water.

Mid afternoon snack, more fruit, more water.

A baked potato, baked beans, a quarn burger.

Evening snack:
A bowl of wheetabix cerial.

I’ve had a couple more mugs of tea and coffee also today, and one more bottle of water. My water intake wasn’t the best today, I got 3 bottles in though, 3 500 ml bottles, 1.5 litres in total.

Food log 13th April

Its been a super super day! Food wise I’ve done great! I am so proud of myself! I am doing amazingly well with my food log. Logging what I am eating is helping me immensely!

So heres what I ate today!

A bowl of wheetabix cerial, some fruit, and a mug of tea

Mid morning snack:
More fruit, and a yogurt

Rye-vita crackers, with some spreadable cheese on them and a mug of tea

Homemade vegetable soup, and a chicken sandwich

Evening snack:
Another bowl of soup, and some fruit cut up.

Drinks throughout the day were 2 litres of water, one cup of coffee, couple mugs of tea, and one can of diet coke.

And thats how my day looked today!

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Food log 10th april

Ok, so I thought I’d schedule this post in advance. So heres my food log for april 10th.

Two slices of toast, some bacon, a mug of tea.

Mid morning snack:
some pineapple, two mandarines

A yogurt, crackers

Sweet potato fries, baked beans, a quarn burger.

Drinks throughout the day
couple mugs of tea, 2 litres of water.

And that, my friends, is what I ate today!

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Food log 9th april!

So I forgot to do this earlier, I should really schedule these posts to go out on the blog at the end of the day!
Anyway, my food for tuesday was all good! I am happy with how things are going! I am hoping for a good result this coming week at weigh in!
Breakfast today was a yogurt and a banana!
Mid morning snack was some fruit and a bag of popcorn.
Again I had no lunch as I was having an early dinner! For dinner I had sweet potato fries, baked beans, and crispy chicken on a bun!
I had some blueberries and some pineapple for a snack in the evening.
For drinks throughout the day I had a couple cups of coffee and tea and a few bottles of water! I drank about 2 litres of water today!
I feel accomplished and proud of my food choices!

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