Food and exercise log May 13th

I had a really good day today. Food wise I did great. I did everything right, I ate healthily, and was happy with the foods I chose.

For breakfast, I had an orange cut up, some toast, and some sausages. I had a mug of tea also.

For lunch I had a corned beef sandwich and a bag of crisps. I also had a mug of tea with my lunch.

For dinner I had sweet potato fries, and a chicken breast, and some baked beans. I had a litre of water with my dinner.

For snacks I had some grapes, and a pear, and an apple. I also drank another litre of water.

I’ve also had a couple mugs of coffee as well throughout the day.

I also exercised today. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I walked for a total of 1 mile.

I am planning on going on the treadmill twice a day from now on if I can. I plan on doing two 20 minute sessions, one in the morning, and one in the evening.

My mom complimented me today. She said my stomach is beginning to get a shape to it. She said you can see it shrinking, made me super happy that she is noticing that now.

So all in all a great day! I am delighted with how it went!


Food log for friday and Saturday

Well this hasnt been the best weekend. But I am away, so food isnt my top priority, even though I promised myself I’d make better food choices. I did make ok choices, but some of the food I ate was fried, and so not the healthiest. Anyway, I’ll tell you what I did eat on Friday and Saturday.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast. We didnt eat a lunch since we were traveling, so we had an early dinner, for dinner I had a cajun chicken wrap, with salad, and fries. Then last night I got a chicken and stuffing sandwich, and a fruit salad. Drinks on Friday included coffee, tea and some diet coke, and one bottle of water.

Today Saturday I ate a light breakfast, it was two wheetabix and two slices of toast. I didnt eat a lunch again today and instead I had an early dinner, for dinner I had chicken wings, fries, and then I bought some crisps, and a fruit salad at the store for this evening. Drinks today included tea, diet coke, and some water.

Not sure how it will go tomorrow. I will try to be healthy if I can at all, make healthy food choices I mean.


Food log april 17th

Hi guys
Well my food log for April 17th was not that great. I mean I did it, I logged what I ate. But to be honest, that wasnt that much.
I never really eat much on my weigh in day. But I did try to eat some small things.
Breakfast consisted of some fruit.
Mid morning, I ate some more fruit.
Lunch was some toast with some spreadable cheese on it.
When I came back from my dr. barry apt I ate a bowl of wheetabix.
I was going to cook dinner last night when I got home from slimming world, but then tiredness overtook me, and I didnt feel up to cooking.
So I just ate some hard boiled eggs and some toast.
Drinks yesterday consisted of a couple mugs of tea, coffee, and 3 500 ml bottles of water.
So that was my day in a nutshell. Not the best one, but oh well. It is what it is.


Food log, 15th april

Today was a huge success. Yay. Am so delighted!

For breakfast I had some pineapple, and a bowl of wheetabix cerial, and a mug of tea.

For mid morning snack I ate an apple and a plumb.

For lunch I had a chicken sandwich, a bag of low calory chips, and a yogurt.

For dinner I had a baked potato, some chicken, and some broccoli rice.

Evening snack I had some more fruit, and two slimming world bars.

Drinks today were 3 litres of water, a couple mugs of tea, and a couple mugs of coffee.

Very pleased with my overall food intake today. I really should see a good result this coming week on the scales. I am hopeful about it anyway.


Food log, 14th April

So once again, a fab day for me today! Food choices were all great! I am very happy with how the day has gone!

So here is how it went for me!

Breakfast was two slices of wholemeal toast, and a mug of tea.
Mid morning snack was a bowl of cut up fruit.

No lunch, as we had an early dinner, we always eat early on Sundays!
Dinner was ribs, mashed potato with no butter or cream in it, broccoli, and turnip. Gotta get in my speed for the day!

After dinner I had a mug of tea and a fibre 1 chocolate popcorn bar, yum!
Evening snack is going to be either a bowl of cerial or some rice cakes and some fruit. I haven't actually decided on it yet.

Drinks throughout today were 3 litres of water, couple cups of coffee, and couple mugs of tea.

I haven't really done much exercise this weekend, but I will get on the treadmill tonight for 20 minutes.

So that's it guys! Another day done! I am very happy with how the week has gone!

See ya laters! Chao!

Food log april 11th!

Today was another great day!

I made great choices with my food! I did everything right!

So heres what I ate!

A bowl of granola and a mug of tea!

Mid morning snack:
A slimming world bar, some fruit

No lunch, as I ate dinner early!

A baked potato, a southern fried chicken breast but I baked it in the oven, and some broccoli rice on the side!

A yogurt! Some fruit!

Evening snack:
A bowl of cerial, wheetabix and some fruit!

Drinks throughout the day consisted of mugs of coffee, tea and 2 litres of water!

Exercise for the day was 10 minutes in the morning on the treadmill, and 10 minutes in the evening!

So thats how my day looks today!


it is emily

hhihihihii everybody
its me em. how are you all?
im doing ok I guess
I’ve been feeling emotional tonight
im worried
im worried about going to slimming world
weight and numbers and food and eating all scare me
I want to be thin
but I think we’re not doing enough
I don’t think we’ll be down any weight tomorrow
I feel triggered just thinking about going
but we do need to go
we haven’t been to our group in two weeks now
our consultant texted us last night to ask us where we’ve been
and if we’ll be coming back
I don’t feel very strong this week
not when it comes to food and weight
I feel like if we’re not down i’ll fall apart
I so want to be down a few pounds
any amount will do
if its only 1 pound i’ll be happy
im going to try to not think too much about it
if I do i’ll want to starve myself
that’s not good I know
we had a nice healthy chicken stir fry for dinner
our sister made it for us
it was so yummy
we’ve been pretty good this week
we haven’t had much bad stuff like crisps and chocolate
maybe we’ll be shocked tomorrow night
maybe we’ll actually be down some weight
hoping for the best
butterfly hugs