On the train

I am writing this blog post from the train. We just pulled off about 20 mins ago. There is free wifi on bord. It was a breeze getting to the train station. I had a very nice taxi driver, who brought me in, and left me at the ticket office. Some nice people let me go ahead of them to get my ticket. Then one of the workers at the station brought me and Nitro on the train. So all is good. I’ve had my lunch and Nitro is fine. I’m going to sit back now, read, relax and maybe sleep a little. I should be in Dublin in 2.5 hours. Once I arrive I’ll get a taxi to my friends house.

Friday morning post

I am thankful that its friday! I love the weekends! This is going to be a good one for me, as I am off to dublin today. I have my PA Frances coming first though at 9 this morning, its just going on for 5 AM here now. She’ll do some housework for me, and I have to go to the beauticians to get my nails soaked off and get some waxing done. I’m not reapplying the nails for a few weeks, I need to give my nails a break for a few weeks.

Once she leaves at 11:30, I’ll get ready and will go to the train station at 12:30 and get the 1:25 PM train to Dublin, the train takes around 3 hours to get there. It runs straight through, so there is no changing trains or anything thank god!

I am just hoping that Nitro will be ok on the train, its been a while since he’s been on one. And he’s older now, so I am hoping it wont stress him out too much.

The weather here is meant to be super bad this weekend, we’re getting another storm, this time its storm dennis. So I doubt me and Pat are going to do anything much, other than stay indoors, the winds and rain will be too much.

But I plan on having a nice weekend anyway. Planning on catching up with pat, its been far too long since we’ve seen one another.
carol anne

Remember, You have a choice

it me emily
yesterday me and eileen talked a lot
about going to dublin
and i was tellin her that carol anne agreed
to go cuz our friend is in a bad way
and she wanted to be kind
and help him out
and eileen said carol anne is just too kind sometimes
and that we had a choice
that it is always an option not to go
but carol anne said no, that is not true
that we’d be letting our friend down
and she doesnt wanna do it
so we are going
but she promised to keep us kids safe
and she said we dont got to come out when we’re there
and interact with our friend
that we can just come out to blog
or write emails
or we can watch what is going on from inside
and she said we wont be going out anywhere
that we’d be staying home in our friends house
so that part is good
i feel a little better now about going
but eileen kept remindin us
that its our choice now
and that we can say no if we choose to
but we’re always afraid to do it
say no and hurt peoples feelings
so we dont do it
at the end of our session yesterday
she said it again to us
she said it isnt our responsibility
to look out for our friend
and that really
he shouldnt have put it upon us
but he doesnt got a lot of friends
and we wanted to help
so we will
and we’ll be ok
we might even have fun
and nitro will be with us and he’ll enjoy the train journey
and our friend is going to pay for our taxi’s
that was sweet of him to offer to do that
butterfly hugs
loves you,
emily xoxo

Trip to Dublin next weekend

So next weekend I’m going to Dublin. From Friday until Sunday. I’m going to visit my friend Pat. He’s blind, and I havent seen him in ages, so I thihnk its time we had a catch up.

I’m excited to go. Nitro will also be going. We’ll take the train to get there. It will be awesome to just hang out with him and chat. We’ve known each other for 18 years now.

He’s a diabetic, type one, and he got a kidney transplant some years back, he’s been doing well since then, but now he has hip problems, and so he’s not able to travel much. He called me tonight saying he feels isolated and lonely and he asked me if I’d come visit him. Of course I jumped at the chance to do that.

I’ll take my laptop with me when I go so I will still be able to be in touch with everyone, of course I’ll also have my phone with me. He has a guide dog too, sweeney, so Nitro will have a buddy for the weekend.

Its going to be a fun trip I think!

good morning

got about 4 hours of sleep again last night. my alarm went off at six and i hit snooze until 7. then reluctantly I got up.
and now its not even 7:30 yet and I’m dressed and sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea.
so organised, way to go.
I’m going to be leaving for the train at 8:30. provided my taxi shows up on time. I really hope it will.
dont fancy being late to the train station.
Not sure what the weathers like outside, I think I heard rain during the night, but I could be wrong on that front. Here’s hoping.

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chitter chatter

it be me taylor
and i very hot
it warm here taday
i drinkin tons of watr
i wish it waas coke
but no coke for me
i want ice cream to
but thers none in ar hous
hot days is wen yu shud hav ice cream
dats wat i think
nitro is gone to ar mom and dads hous
until friday
we wont see him now for 2 whole days
carol anne says dat tha hous wil be empty wif out him
i fink shes rite
we wil mis him
tomoro we’re goin to dublin
for the day
to a flower show
it gona be cool i fink
we ar bringin a paked lunch
it supose to be anothir hot day here tomorow
woner if we shuld wear sun scren
wat everyone else doin taday

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The bloom flower festival

Next Thursday I am going to a flower show in Dublin with some of the members of the basement club. We’re going for the entire day.

We’re getting the 9:30 AM train to dublin. We’ll stay all day and then we’ll get the 6 PM train home again.

I’ve never gone to this show before. Its on every year. Its on over 5 days. The reason we’re going is because the organisation that runs the basement club, shine, is having a green ribbon garden stand there, to try to get people talking about mental health.

Hopefully we’ll get nice weather on the day. I’m going to bring a nice packed lunch with me, I think most of us are bringing packed lunches, and we will eat them in the park.

Im not taking Nitro. He doesnt really do well in big crowds, and I think he’d get stressed out. So my mom and dad are going to look after him for the day.

Excited to go though. It should be a lot of fun.