Working on us, week 21, addictions and obsessions!

This week Beckys Working on us prompt deals with addiction and obsession! I thought I would participate! Becky is doing a great job of raising awareness of mental illnesses and I am proud to participate and be part of her weekly prompt!
Becky says this about her prompt!

Hello, All! Welcome back to Working on Us A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders.

Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health



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So here I go!

What am I addicted to? Number one on my list is, my phone! I always have to have it! I know lots of people are addicted to their phones, or feel that they are. But I really have a huge problem! My phone is never out of my sight! Its always wherever I go! Always glued to me!

I am either always on wordpress, facebook, or texting!

The second thing I am addicted to is food! I use it as a comfort! I am trying to break that habit! I have been losing weight and eating only when I am hungry! Before I’d use food to cope, I’d use it when I was sad, angry, and eat whatever I wanted! I gained a ton of weight! Also take away food was my downfall! It is a huge trigger for me, so now I just dont eat it!

There is alcohol and drug addictions in my family also! My dad is an alcoholic, and all of his brothers and sisters were alcoholics too and his mom also was one!

One of my cousins is addicted to heroin,!

Thankfully I’ve never been addicted to either drugs or alcohol. I do drink but I can take it or leave it and it wouldnt bother me if I didnt drink for months on end!

I do think I have an addictive personality though!