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Happy Writing!

Today’s prompt: hug, courage, paprika


I hug my pillow tightly

I try to be courageous

and have courage but I am so scared

I awoke from a nightmare

I stare

Open mouthed

Heart racing

Arms flailing

Anxiety rising

Then, all of a sudden

My dog comes to greet me

His soft fur feels warm and cosy

I nestle into his soft fur

My head resting on his neck

All thoughts of nightmares gone

For a fleeting moment

I have a responsibility to nitro

I need to see that he’s ok

This keeps me distracted

Until the feelings disapate

And once again

I feel ok

and can start my day

Feeling happy and content


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Bright light of hope

Emotions run deep
I cant sleep
I try and try
Feel like crying
Tears dont come
Instead they pool
At the edges of my eyes
Threatening to engulf me
Sleep evades me every night lately
I want the comfort of rest
Peace and serenity
thats all I want
An end to this turmoil
That I am feeling
But an end is not in sight
and I dont think it will be
for a while
so meanwhile
i search
for rest and relaxation
and I hope
for the bright light of hope
to shine on me

I wake from a bad dream…

Woke up from

a bad dream

tears flow

eyes wide shut

not wanting to see

the devastation

the chaos

that bad dreams brings

wanting the nightmare to just end

right now

so I open my ears

listen to the morning birds

chirp, chirp

they take my fears away

as i dream of pretty colors

flapping wings

and bird song

welcome to a new day

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Bad dreams

I woke with horrible dreams. Its awful. I cant go back to sleep. I decided to get up.

The dreams were of people hurting us. I wont go into it but needless to say they were very scary.

Now the kids are super scared. They are afraid someone is going to get in to our house and hurt us. I am trying to soothe them. It isn’t working.

I hate, hate bad dreams. I did sleep for about 3 hours though which is something I suppose. Its the most I’ve slept in about 2 weeks.

If anyones around could use a hug and some support.

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Never let anyone squash your dreams! Don’t listen to you cant! You can! You got this!

One-Liner Wednesday – Coffee!

Sorta slept

Well its 4:40 AM. I sorta slept. I slept for about 3 hours. Now I am up again. I woke about 40 minutes ago. I got up and made a cup of tea. I actually feel kinda bad. I had a very bad dream. It jolted me awake. I hate them. I was shaking and it was quite disturbing.
What do you do when you have bad dreams?

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Monday ramble

Monday turned out to be a great day. I went to therapy, will write about that separately though. Just to say that, therapy was good, hard, but good. After therapy I came back to mom and dads. Had a little lunch, dad had made homemade vegetable soup for me which turned out to be not so good. I dont know what he did, but it tasted very oniony and you could taste parsnip from it, but you could only taste the onion and parsnip and nothing else, even though there were things like potato, carrot etc in it. I ate a little of it but left most of it which I didnt tell him I did. He’d be insulted if I told him I didnt like it. After lunch I went to work at friendly call, work was good. Busy but good. We had a busy shift. I worked until around 4 PM. Then came back to moms, and ate dinner. Was going to stay in moms last night, but decided against it, as I had stuff to bring home to my own house, and I wouldnt have been able to bring all of it with me tomorrow. So mom came with me to my house, and I went home. I was exhausted after therapy. I figured I’d get a nap in when mom left. Which is exactly what I did. I napped for a couple hours. I had weird dreams though. Not bad ones just kinda weird ones. Now I am up and wide awake. I probably should’ve not napped. But when your tired your tired. My friend Denise texted me, she said one of our lecturers sent an email to us both. About the plagurism that the other 3 members of our former group did. So I shall read that in a few minutes, if I have updates I’ll write about it. Anyway that was my Monday. Tomorrow I have an apt with a staff member at the basement club, she’s my new mentor, except they dont call it mentoring now, its called supported recovery. But this is a new support for me. I have that apt at 11 AM. I hope it goes well. Other than that not much on tomorrow. Just have to go to that apt. I also am expecting a delivery of my meds from the pharmacy. That should be happening in the afternoon. I hope the weather will continue to be nice tomorrow. It was lovely today. The sun shone and it was warm and dry…just how I like it. It puts me in a good mood.

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