A few photos of nitro and me 😊I took these yesterday. I love taking pictures of me with nitro. He is so cute. I love making memories with him.Pictures of me and nitro taken yesterday πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜€

Chilling after our exercise session πŸ˜˜

I just did 15 minutes on the treadmill. I plan on doing another 15 minutes this evening. It was exhausting, but enjoyable. Here’s me and nitro relaxing just after exercising. He’s all snug and cosy find my feet, for those of you who can’t see the photo is of nitro and me with nitro curled up at my feet

Vet visit

Im taking Nitro to the vet today. This morning. He’s gotta get his shots, his yearly ones. He has to get the main ones, and then the kennel cough one too, which they will give him up his nose, poor puppy, he hates that, he’s going to whimper when they put it up his nose, because well, I think it hurts when they squeeze it up there. He also has to get his worm treatment, and flea treatment, as its summer now, and fleas and ticks are everywhere, I also have to buy another bag of food for him, I’m almost out of dog food now. There is a tiny little lump on his right ear, on the outside of it. I need to get the vet to look at it and hopefully she’ll know what it is. Its not bothering him, and I think its either a wart, or a bite of some sort, but I am going to get it checked out for safety sake. I know he’s going to pull and whine when we get to the vets, he hates going in to see her. He will go in, but he will drag his feet, he’ll probably try to go towards the front door when we stand up to be called back to her office. He always does that, silly little puppy!

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