A nice day at the craft fare

We had a lovely time this morning at the craft fare. Mom went with me, my aunt was also meant to go but at the last minute she changed her mind, so mom and I went on our own.
There was lots of stalls, it was more packed this year, there were more sellers and there were more people looking also.
I bought a lovely ornament for the christmas tree, made out of glass. Its actually shaped like a christmas tree.
I also bought an angel thats inside a snow globe. And I got a few gift sets and some homemade dog treats.
I met lots of people there that knew me. I even met an old teacher who used to teach me at nursery school. I also met a girl who was a trainer at the guide dog school when I was getting my first dog, she now works at my canine companion which gives dogs to kids with autism.
I bought a load of raffle tickets, I entered 3 raffles. And I won! I won first prize in one of the raffles. I won a big basket filled with makeup and face and body creams. It was so nice to win!
The fare went on for about 2 hours. We had some tea and chatted and looked around, and before we knew it it was finished. When it was over I went to work. It wasnt too busy in the office. I was only in there for about 2 hours.
Overall it w was a lovely day. When I came home I gave Nitro some treats, and he loved them!

Can you stop with the treats?

My dad is a bloody nightmare! He keeps giving Nitro dog biscuits, and anything that he can find that Nitro can eat! I keep telling him Nitro doesnt need the treats, but he doesnt listen!
The girls at work are the same! They keep getting nitro dog treats, and even got him some sausages recently from the chip shop next door to our office.
Nitro is getting fatter by the minute! I am losing my rag!
I dont want him to be too overweight! But nobody listens to me!
Its so irritating! I am not sure how I can fix this but I know I need to!
Anyone got some good ideas for me? How do I tell all these people, that, they’re killing my dog!
I’m not pleased about all this!
I dont want my boy to develop arthritis!
I hope I will be able to get through to my dad soon! And I am not to worried about work, as sometimes Nitro doesnt come with me, and, if I say no to the girls in the office, they dont try to override my decision.
Its my dad, he’s tough to deal with! He loves dogs, and he’s a soft touch!
I hope someone has a good idea for me on how to make him stop? I suppose I’ll just have to say, clearly, your shortening Nitros life!
And hope he’ll listen to that!

He just wants treats!

Nitro is hilarious! I love him! He makes me laugh so hard, which I need to be doing right now!

I bought him some treats the other day. I bought him some chews, and some bones, and some chicken strips and beef strips.

I made the mistake of giving them to him after he goes out to do his business, so now, every time he goes out, he runs in and goes to where the treats are and stands there begging me for one! 😀

Its so funny! Of course I cant resist!

He’ll be fat in no time if I keep going and keep allowing him to have so many treats!

but how can I resist that cute face?

He’s happy and content, and so am I!
Love you nitro doodle bug!

#whatif prompt. My pets favourite munchie

The prompt for oct. 24th was:

my pet’s favorite munchy

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.
Oh this is a good one! Nitro had lots of favourites!

He loves bones! Chicken, beef, he loves them all!

He likes smoky bones too! I try to give him one every now and then, to help his teeth! He chews them right down and really enjoys them!

He loves his kong, with peanut butter inside of it! I put the peanut butter in there, then I freeze the kong, and then he has to lick It out! He adores that!

He loves rice with chicken, which he gets when he’s ill! He wolfs it down!

He also loves these strips I get, they are bacon strips, they smell awful but to him, they taste great! He sits by where I keep them when I have them and waits for me to give him one!

He’s so cute! A cute lab he is hahahaha! 😀

I love buying him treats! Its one of my favourite things to do for him!