Saturday morning update

I slept well last night. I worked yesterday, I worked from home, except I was at my parents house. I made around 30 calls. That all went off ok, all of my clients were doing well. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon after working, I decided to sleep while I was waiting for my mom and dad to get home, they were at my dads best friends funeral, well not a funeral, but the burial of his ashes. They went back to a bar afterwords, for food, and drinks. they got home around 5 PM. I got up then, had dinner, and then went right back to bed. Read for a while, but could barely keep my eyes open.
I was meant to talk to Eileen last night, but we didnt end up talking. I texted her at 7 PM. She didnt text me back right away. At 7:25 PM I decided to wait to talk to her until today, so I texted her again and I told her we could wait, and talk today, so that is what we’re doing. I already texted her this morning, I told her I am free all day so to call me whenever it suits her.
I am not going to get up to much today. I will just relax, read, and enjoy a quiet day at mom and dads, my dad is going out for a while, so it will be just me and mom here.
Nitro started his ear drops this morning. That was a bit of an ordeal. He hates getting them put in. Mom did it for me. I held his head while she put them in. That was hard, as he didnt want to keep still. they are in now though and this evening I will have to put more in.
I am going to go make a coffee now. I hope your all having a good start to your day.