Putting Nitro on some probiotics

So my friend sarah recommended me to try nitro out on some probiotics for a month, and see how he does, since his stomach is acting up a lot lately. I think thats a great idea. So I went on amazon and had a look to see what I could find. I found the purina brand she recommended, but amazon.co.uk wouldnt ship it to me. So I had to get another brand instead. I got a different brand, and I got powder, that you sprinkle on the dogs food. They wont be with me until June 9th, but I bought a months supply, and if they help, I will keep him on them. Or maybe just keep him on them for a while, to see how he goes. I do believe they’ll help him. I mean his stomach has been really off lately, he’s been sick about 4 times in the past month, I dont know if he’s eating poop, sometimes he has done that in the past, but he eats grass a lot, and once or twice he just threw up for no apparent reason. So hoping the probiotics will help his digestive system. Well it cant hurt him so I’m willing to try them out.
Has anyone else ever had their dog on probiotics? Did they help?

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