My dog is now a senior

Nitro is 9 years old now. Oh my god! 9! How did he get here?

I rang his vet this morning. I wanted to check when his next check up is due.

She told me to bring him in in april. He gets a check up every six months. She said if I am worried about him to bring him in sooner.

She asked me if he’s losing weight, I said, no, quite the opposite. I think he’s gained some weight.

I’m not actually worried about him at all. He does have a little lump on his ear, its like a wart, but the last time he was at the vets I got her to check it. She said it was nothing and if he was ever under anastetic she’d remove it then.

He’s in good health. I think he’s getting a touch of artheritis though poor guy. He can still run around though, and he can still jump on the bed, so I don’t think its that bad.

I hope he is going to live for at least another 5 years. All going well, he should. I just cannot imagine my life without him in it and I hope I don’t have too for a very long time.

Update on Nitro

We’re just home from the vets appointment, nitro was a really good boy. He hated it there though and couldnt wait to get out the door! As I brought him in when the vet called us he ran towards the front entrance, it was very funny, also, before we went in when we were sitting in the waiting area he got all panicky and started pawing at me and then trying to jump up on my PA’s shoulders, well he was trying to put his two paws up on her shoulders.
The vet did give me a lecture about his weight. She said he needs to lose some. He hadnt lost anything since he’s been there 3 weeks ago. He’s still 40 KG which is about 84 pounds, which is waaaay too much as he should be only weighing about 72 pounds.
She gave me more eardrops for him, she said his ears do look cleaner but they are still a little mucky especially the left ear, so she told me to use them for another two weeks, and she also told me to also clean his ears twice a week. She also gave me flea and worming treatment for him.
Overall it was a good visit, minus that lecture I got. I had to come home and phone my dad, and explain to him that he needs to just cut out giving Nitro treats completely, as the vet said if Nitro doesnt lose some weight he’ll get slower faster, and his legs will stiffen up and he’ll go lame, and be unable to move around. I dont want that for him so I need to get the weight under control.
We have to go back in a month to check his ears again and also to check to see if he’s losing any weight. I hope by then he will have lost something.


Follow up vet visit for Nitro

Nitro is going back to the vets tomorrow. He has a follow up appointment to check his ears are ok. He has recently been on ear drops for an infection. I think he’s doing a lot better, his ears seem a lot cleaner, he is shaking his head less often, he seems to be happy, and the infection seems to be gone. The drops did the trick. They were really good and if the vet wants to prescribe another course tomorrow I’ll take them. I want to keep his ears as clean as I can. I hate that he constantly has to deal with ear infections. It cant be very comfortable for him. Other than his ears, everything is fine. He’s healthy, and happy. I am wondering how he’ll be at the vets office tomorrow. He hates the vets office. He always tries to pull me towards the door when she calls us in. He is always nervous and panting a lot, and cant wait to get his paws out of there once she’s done. He literally runs for the door when we’re done. I hope he’ll be ok while we’re there. Fingers crossed. After tomorrow I’m hoping he wont have to go again for a few months. I need to buy his worming tablets and flea treatment tomorrow also. I never did that the last time I was there. If you could, please send nitro positive thoughts for tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone posted on how he does there and will update after we’ve been.


Saturday morning update

I slept well last night. I worked yesterday, I worked from home, except I was at my parents house. I made around 30 calls. That all went off ok, all of my clients were doing well. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon after working, I decided to sleep while I was waiting for my mom and dad to get home, they were at my dads best friends funeral, well not a funeral, but the burial of his ashes. They went back to a bar afterwords, for food, and drinks. they got home around 5 PM. I got up then, had dinner, and then went right back to bed. Read for a while, but could barely keep my eyes open.
I was meant to talk to Eileen last night, but we didnt end up talking. I texted her at 7 PM. She didnt text me back right away. At 7:25 PM I decided to wait to talk to her until today, so I texted her again and I told her we could wait, and talk today, so that is what we’re doing. I already texted her this morning, I told her I am free all day so to call me whenever it suits her.
I am not going to get up to much today. I will just relax, read, and enjoy a quiet day at mom and dads, my dad is going out for a while, so it will be just me and mom here.
Nitro started his ear drops this morning. That was a bit of an ordeal. He hates getting them put in. Mom did it for me. I held his head while she put them in. That was hard, as he didnt want to keep still. they are in now though and this evening I will have to put more in.
I am going to go make a coffee now. I hope your all having a good start to your day.


News on nitro

well nitros check up is over with for another while. it went ok. i got both good and bad news. the good news is he’s mostly healthy. i say mostly because the vet did say his right back leg is stiff, and it looks like he may be getting a little arthritic. she said we’d monitor it, keep an eye on things. and if needs be we can start injections, or supplements with his food, or he can have pain relief if he needs it. she asked me if i had pet insurance, i do, so i am not to worried about costs. its a good thing i have insurance for him. i was a little upset that he may have arthritis. it means he’s getting old. my boy is almost 9 now. he’s not a puppy any more. i wish he still was. also, she weighed him and he should be 35 kg, which is around 70 pounds, but he’s 40 kg, around 80 pounds, so she said i need to cut out treats, and give him less dog food. i’ll start with less treats, i only feed him one scoop of dry food in the morning, and one scoop in the afternoon. she said i may want to cut it down to 2 thirds of a cup in the morning and afternoon. but if i do that he’ll be starving. my dad is a terror for giving him treats. i warned him now, no more treats. only apples and carrots. nothing else. i have to get his weight back down. i dont want it putting pressure on his joints. so besides those two things, there was one other thing and that was his ears, the vet gave me ointment for his ears, she gave his ears a deep clean, but she said they were very dirty, and it looked like some infection had set in too. so she told me to use the ointment for 3 weeks, and then bring him in again for her to look at his ears again. if the ointment doesnt work, she said we could try others, or else we may do allergy testing. he did have skin allergies as a puppy, and he’s always had trouble with his ears. so its nothing new. so other than all that, he’s healthy. he got his shots, and kennel cough vaccines. he got flea and worming treatment. he hated being in the vets office. he was panicking and panting a lot. i knew he was very stressed out. he really just doesnt like it. the vet also clipped his nails, and he hated having that done. i’m glad its over now. cost me 120 euro for the visit. that included his dog food though so the actual vet visit was only 70 euro, for nail trimming, ear cleaning, shots, and his ear meds. so that was reasonably priced I thought. I’m happy with him and the vet was as well. I just hope his ears clear up quickly. and I hope the leg issues arent going to be too serious for him. Only time will tell I suppose.


Vet visit

Im taking Nitro to the vet today. This morning. He’s gotta get his shots, his yearly ones. He has to get the main ones, and then the kennel cough one too, which they will give him up his nose, poor puppy, he hates that, he’s going to whimper when they put it up his nose, because well, I think it hurts when they squeeze it up there. He also has to get his worm treatment, and flea treatment, as its summer now, and fleas and ticks are everywhere, I also have to buy another bag of food for him, I’m almost out of dog food now. There is a tiny little lump on his right ear, on the outside of it. I need to get the vet to look at it and hopefully she’ll know what it is. Its not bothering him, and I think its either a wart, or a bite of some sort, but I am going to get it checked out for safety sake. I know he’s going to pull and whine when we get to the vets, he hates going in to see her. He will go in, but he will drag his feet, he’ll probably try to go towards the front door when we stand up to be called back to her office. He always does that, silly little puppy!