She hasnt responded yet

Eileen hasn’t responded to my text from earlier. I sent it at around 5:15 this evening. I thought she’d have seen it by now. I wish she’d respond. Its probably too late for her to respond now though, as its almost 10 PM.

We’re still feeling bad. We’re very overwhelmed. Very edgy. Agitated, and feeling very depressed.

We’re doing things to distract us from our thoughts. Reading, talking and texting with friends, drinking tea, etc etc.

I am really hoping we’ll be able to sleep tonight. I’m not holding my breath though. If we do sleep it will be a miracle. Normally when we are feeling like this its hard for us to sleep.

I’ll just have to get my ear looked at

Well, remember the ear troubles I had?
They’re back, this time with avengence! I woke up with my ear full and hardly able to hear a thing. Its so uncomfortable.
I had put oil in my ear last night, before I went to bed. But no joy. It did nothing.
I should have went in to have my ears siringued!
Why didn’t I do it early in the week! I was too lazy that’s why!
Now it is going to impact my weekend!
I will definitely be ringing my gp on Tuesday morning, I cant do it on Monday as Monday is a bank holiday here.
I hope that when I go to have bloods taken next Friday, the nurse can do my ears then as well.
In the meantime I will just have to put up with the discomfort, and the disorientation of not being able to hear, its very disorientating.


My nephew had 10 teeth out on Tuesday! He’s only 6. They were his baby teetth. They wouldn’t fall out, and were caught in his gums. So he had to have them pulled out. He was meant to have 8 of them out, but when the dentist went in she said there were two more that were very loose so she took those as well.

It was hell for him at the dentist. He was so upset. He didn’t like the gas and air. He said it tasted awful. It took 3 tries for them to get him to take it. In the end they had to sedate him because he was so distressed and he wouldn’t lie down to take it.

Mom went to the dentist with my sister, and thank goodness she did. My sister, upon seeing Davin so upset, got very upset too. She also got frustrated, and being both upset and frustrated at the same time is not a good mix. In the end my mom went in to the operating theatre with him and settled him down, and my sister went to get a coffee.

When he came out of the anaesthetic, he was very upset because they’d taken all of his teeth, he kept breaking down crying, and saying he was gummy and where were his teeth, he wanted them back, poor little guy!

He’s been off school since Tuesday but thankfully he hasn’t been in too much pain. His adult teeth are coming down, but they’ll take a month or two to grow fully in. In the meantime he has no teeth, and he’s so traumatised over that. I saw him today and he kept saying to me, I wish I could get my teeth back!

Lean on me!

lean on me
I am here for you
I am a shoulder
To cry on
Release all the feelings
And emotions
That are inside
I am here
And I care
I have no hidden agenda
All I want
Is for you
To heal
Truly heal

This was a convo between our therapist Eileen and me!


Updating on baby josh’s progress

So I have a further progress update on how baby Josh is doing.

Some of his tests came back, and it wasn’t good news.

He was born without the glands that produce hormones, this is going to obviously cause him huge issues. The doctors put him on medication, and he’ll be on it for life.

Without this medication, he wouldn’t produce any hormones, so he wouldn’t grow.

They still don’t know if he’s deaf, or blind. But they do know that his level of downs syndrome is the most severe one that there is.

Its all so sad. One positive is that he’s feeding better now. He’s taking a few ounces at a time now. It exhausts him, just the action of sucking the bottle. But he’s doing it and that’s really positive.

He’s a little fighter. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers, there is still a very long road ahead for him and his parents.

working on us week 13, sleep issues!

tonight for beckys working on us prompt, I am going to write a narrative, not exactly following the rules, but oh well. It is what it is, I just felt like writing down my thoughts on sleep and the issues surrounding it.
I dont sleep well at all. I suffer from dreadful insomnia. I also suffer from racing thoughts and super bad anxiety at night. I get intrusive flashbacks, nightmares, and really worrying thoughts, my mind goes 100 miles a minute at night. As soon as it gets dark, it starts. If I get 2 or 3 hours of sleep at night, its a lot. I do get a good night every now and then, but I have to be extremely exhausted for that to happen. Usually after 3 or 4 days of little to no sleep, I will crash hard, and it catches up with me.
I’ve tried a lot of things to help me sleep. Usually when I am unable to sleep I will write, I listen to music or watch tv or I read. I also sometimes take a hot shower, showering helps me calm down, and whenI write or journal it is theraputic.
I do take medication also to help me sleep. It mostly doesnt work though. I take fenergan and prazosin although the prazosin is going to be a no go soon and so I will move on to another med instead.
My symptoms always seem worse at night. I wish this wasnt the case. I know sleep is important so I do try to get it when I can.