Therapy Thursday

therapy this week was chaotic. so much happened. ok where to start. we came in switchy and dissociative. taylor popped out and was very upset. she was crying and very triggered. she was trying to talk but kept crying and was unable to form words. eileen was very patient and sat with her and comforted her and asked her some questions. the thing is, i was nearby but i couldnt switch out with her. sometimes that happens. if one of us is out and upset, sometimes its hard to switch with someone else, you basically have to wait until the person whose upset calms down so that they can then step back from the front and allow another insider to come out. eventually taylor and i were able to switch places and i came out. it wasnt a smooth switch though, i was thrown into the body and it really jolted me. my head hurt and my neck was sore and i was thrown into all the emotional pain that taylor felt. so then eileen spent some time grounding me and orientating me to the present. we used containers and did exercises where we took things that were bothering me and put them in containers so that i could have some space to breathe. eventually when all that was done i was able to talk to eileen. i told her we were extremely triggered after talking with Dr Barry about the police report on Wednesday. since doing that we’d had suicidal insiders emerge, who had programming and were trying to act on it. it was very scary. there had also been a phone call from a past abuser, luckily nobody told them about the report, because if that info got out and got back to them god knows what would happen and who knows what danger we’d be in. i told eileen though that I feel its only a matter of time before it will get back to them. eileen asked me if it would be possible to talk to one of the insiders who is programmed to kill the body. i said i didnt know if they would talk but that i could try to push one of them to the front. so i did. and surprisingly one of them Jasmine came out and her and eileen talked. Jasmine is 24. she talked and I was able to listen. It felt strange to hear what she had to say and to hear her take on things. She said that whenever she even hears of someone dying by suicide that it triggers her programming. she also said how she constantly thinks of death. and about the best way to do it. she said she had been planning on wednesday night about how best to do it and succeed at it. eileen kept trying to tell her that if she succeeded not only would she be dead but we’d all be dead. she kept saying she wasnt afraid of dying. but sometimes she is scared of the doing it part. or of waiting to die once she’s done what she planned. she also told eileen she sometimes hears voices telling her kill herself or go ahead and just do it or she said that sometimes they tell her how worthless she is and how invaluable she is and how everyone wouldnt care if she was dead. they talked about the voices a lot. eileen told her that the voices she hears on the inside are parts of her and asked her if she realised this. she didnt so then they talked about that process and how her parts are all conflicted and how some of her parts are stuck in the past. as i said it was very interesting to me to listen to her perspective on things. i briefly came out again at the end of the session and i told eileen i would help support Jasmine even though inside I dont live anywhere near where she does. Also some of the dark insiders like Liz and Cora said they’d give her some support over the coming weeks. I’m sure they’ll talk again in therapy too. We told her we would share the police report with her when dr barry gives it to us. I dont know if I posted about that here? Dr Barry had to do up a report for the police after a sexual assault we suffered last year. She did the report up a year ago but we are only submitting it now because she that is Dr Barry felt we werent emotionally ready to go there. Anyway she is going to give us a copy for ourselves to keep of the report and we will in turn share it with Eileen.