Respite update

so i got a letter today from one of the respite places i applied for. when i applied i applied for two places, both of them got back to me but one just put me on a waiting list. the letter i got today from abode, thats the name of the respite place, the director said she wants to come visit me at home next tuesday afternoon to assess me. this is good news. hopefully it means a bed has come up and i can get a week there soon, maybe even before xmas. i need the break and it would be awesome if i could go on respite before the year ends. i’m not sure what the assessment consists of. a chat to start with i guess. probably going to talk about my needs and diagnosis etc. i called her to confirm but she had finished work for the day so i’ll need to call her again on monday morning. i’m excited though. i can get 30 days in the year of respite free that is four weeks in total. this place abode is for people with disabilities like cp, blindness, a lot of the people they take are in wheelchairs. the second place i applied for takes people with more extreme disabilities, like behavioural and learning difficulties, people with high medical needs etc. but abode is for people who are more high functioning. i just hope it is suitable and i can get in soon because to be honest i could do with the respite right now.