Weight and college

Happy friday everyone. Thank crunchy its friday. I love the weekend, its my down time, time to relax and chill out. I have singing tonight, although I am not sure what we’ll be doing now that I am no longer performing at the adult summer jam gig. I saw my nutritionist Karen O this morning. I got weighed and was down a pound, considering I had my nieces communion last weekend and ate all around me, and all unhealthy food, it was awesome that I was down this week. I was really pleased about that. My goals for next week are to drink more water and to try to exercise at least four days. I have spent the rest of this morning doing my assignment which is on the internet. I’ve most of it donw now. I have four out of the six questions answered. And there are 3 weeks left before it is due to be handed up. I’ll probably finish it next week and just hand it in early. I still have a website to create and a skills demo exam to do next friday so I’ll still have plenty to keep me busy. 30 minutes until home time, yay.