#3Things Challenge #425 Graduation!

Di has given us these 3 things today:


It was a bright day yesterday. The morning sun was out. I was happy to see it. It made a change from the dismal rain we’d been having lately.

I was going to get all dressed up to take my graduation photos. My mom and aunt were helping me to get ready, I felt excited. Its not every day you graduate.

I had worked hard on getting my diploma, and I’d gotten a 2-1 second class honours. That was my reward.

I sat down on the couch to think. 2020 has been such a weird year. If things were normal I’d be graduating in UCC university college cork. But things are different this year, so I’d take my photos in my house instead.

I’d stunned myself by actually finishing the course. It had been such a challenging course. A lot of things had come up during the year long course. I had faced many difficulties, but I’d overcome them all and finished up with a 2-1 and that made me very proud.