Not getting weighed in

I’ve decided I’m not going to go be weighed in tonight. I am still feeling headachy and I’m a little bit stressed so I dont want to go. I just feel like hybernating here at home so that is what I’ll do.

I would have probably been down at weigh in, but you just can never tell how it will go. I havent done a lot of exercise at all lately. I want to try harder at that. So for next week my goal is to exercise every day even if only for a little while. I need to be more motivated about exercising.

I will just book this week off and go next week and hope for a great result next week instead.

Fab result at weigh in!

I had a fantastic result tonight at weigh in! I managed to lose! Only a pound this week, but its something!

A pound is a pound! And it all helps!

I am going in the right direction!

I now weigh 14 stone 5.5 pounds. I’d love to get the 5.5 pounds off by christmas so that I’d be under the 14 stone.

That would be so awesome! I think I can do it. I need to lose half a pound next week to get my next half stone award, for those who are wondering, half a stone is 7 pounds.

I am proud of my progress. It hasnt been easy for the past few months. I’ve struggled a lot with losing. And its only been in the past 4 weeks that I’m losing consistently again.

Now to just keep it up! I got this! I can do it!

Busy day ahead tomorrow!

I am going to be super busy tomorrow. I am gladI had a free day today since tomorrow I wont have time to look around me or breathe.
In the morning my PA will come, she arrives at 9 AM!
I need to go to the store! I have to buy some stuff for baking, since I am going to make banana bread with my other PA on Wednesday night.
We are going to make the slimming world banana bread!
I need to buy loaf tins, liners for them and an electric whisk, and I also need to get the ingredients for the banana bread.
After doing all that we’ll come back to my house and I’ll get my pa to do some vacuming, mopping the floors, and other house work.
I work tomorrow in the afternoon on friendly call. That is going to be good I think. I am looking forward to going in.
After work when my supervisor drops me home, I’ll just about have time to get changed, and brush my teeth, before I need to rush out the door again to my slimming world group.
It will be 7:30 before I can actually get dinner, and sit down for the evening and relax. So if you dont hear a lot from me tomorrow thats why. Its just that I am running around like a headless chicken, lol.
Now if I was able to sleep I’d be all set. But unfortunately I cant sleep. I slept for 2 hours in the afternoon today because I was drained after therapy. That pretty much messed me up for tonight. I had to sleep though, I wasnt able to keep going and my eyes kept closing. Probably because I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night.


Its a winner!

Fruit! I’ve been eating tons of it!

Its definitely a winner! I bought lots this week, and have been enjoying healthy snacks!

I ate 8 pieces of fruit today already! Wow!
The peaches I bought are so tasty!
So are the oranges! And the nectarines!
In fact, all of the fruit I bought is tasty!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner! As they say here in cork!
Lol 😛

Disappointing result

Well guys the result at Weigh in today wasn’t good. I was up a pound. I know that’s not much but still I was disappointed, very disappointed. I think I need to exercise more so from today onwards I’m going to exercise every day or at least five days a week. It’s the only way to lose the weight along with eating the right type of food. I was hoping to be down. Oh well there’s always next week right? I can hope for a good result then. In the meantime I can continue to do what I’m doing that is eating the right types of food and exercising.

Weigh in!

Weighing in in 10 minutes. Am so nervous.

Really hope I am going to be down. Really I really worked so hard this past week.

Fingers crossed I’ve done enough. After last weeks gain, I dont feel that confident. But we’ll see.

Wish me luck!