Health check

yesterday I went to my gp. I had to get my bloods done. I have a diabetic review coming up in two weeks so I had to get bloods done to check my sugar levels, my liver, kidneys, iron levels, and some other stuff. For once the nurse didnt have any trouble finding a vein. Usually my veins are very bad and its hard to get blood from me. She wanted me to do a urine sample but I wasnt able to go because I’d been fasting and hadnt drank anything so she gave me a bottle and said that I could do it at home and drop it in to the surgery before I next come in. She weighed me. I am 104 KG which is about 224 pounds. Thats the heaviest I’ve ever been. So I made a decision. I decided to go on a diet. I had been on one last year but due to some things came off of it. So now I am back on it again. Just cutting out junk food, exercising, being more healthy in general. Its hard but I am determined to shift the weight once and for all. Its not good for my body and I feel unhappy with the size I am. If I could lose about 30 to 40 pounds by May I’d be thrilled. I’ve to go back to my GP in two weeks for the diabetic review, I also contacted Karen O my nutritionist to make an appointment with her hopefully for this week. I’m waiting for her to get back to me on that.