I had a maintain ❤👌😘

I had a maintain this week at weigh in! I am happy with that. I wasnt up so thats good. I stayed for the group talk, and I am so glad I did. I felt much better about the plan going forward after hearing my consultant say she struggled too this week. She was really honest about how much she has been struggling lately and she said she was here for us and not to feel alone, to keep posting to the facebook group, we came out of the meeting feeling fantastic!
we went to the store after group and stocked up on fruit, yogurt, and we also got our light milk and some wheetabix, as we eat wheetabix with blueberries in the mornings.
We came home with a happy heart, and ready to put 100 percent into the plan this coming week, so that we’ll have a nice weight loss next week.
We’re having slimming world friendly cottage pie for dinner today, we had some left in our freezer so took it out and we will eat that. For lunch I had a few slices of roast beef, no bread, I just ate the meat on its own, I also had some melon, and some grapes.