Now I’m not so sure about my weigh in results

So after my weigh in each week I usually post to facebook about it. Today I did just that. I posted that I was up half a pound, and how disappointing it was to be up.
My PA frances goes to slimming world with me. She messaged me just now to say that she thinks that the girl who weighed me this morning, actually said I was down half a pound, not up.
Now I’m not sure! I hope that is true, but I really don’t know, and I have no way of finding out.
I just weighed myself on my own weighing scales, and it said I am 94 kg or 14 stone 11 pounds, and that is half a pound lighter than I was, so maybe it is true and maybe I wasnt actually up at all?
Well either way I’m happier now.
And I’ll push on and hope for a good loss next week. I put down in my slimming world app that I want to lose 2 pounds next week, so we’ll see what happens.
My fingers and toes are crossed!