oh my its monday

i cant believe another weekend is over. i had a good weekend. chilled out and relaxing. did not get up to very much. yesterday afternoon i napped for hours. i had had dinner and just all of a sudden felt so tired. i only woke when my cousin nicole came to drop off my birthday present. she’s almost a month late lol but she is so thoughtful to get me something. she got me a lovely baby pink purse and a bottle of wine. i had one glass of it last night while watching tv with my dad. my mom was gone to my aunts for the evening to give her her birthday present because it was her birthday on saturday. i usually would have gone with her but i didnt even know she was going because i was sleeping. even though i slept for hours in the afternoon i still slept well last night. i’m glad about that. i never took my night meds because of drinking the glass of wine. i know its not a good idea to mix alcohol with meds so i never do. i woke early this morning and got up as soon as i woke. my mom and dad are taking my dads brother to the hospital for a check up. he has had lung cancer and he has to have his six monthly check up today. my dad is not really any better and i just wish he’d do something about it. i tried to be nice to him this morning when he said his bones were hurting and stuff but that got me no where. he snapped at me that i didnt have his problems. then my mom got defensive because he was being rude to me and she snapped at me to just let it go. i sware i cant win with him. i hope he does something before things get really bad with his lungs and bones and stuff. he’s going for a bone density scan next month. he is also going to see a gastroenterologist next week about his bowel problem. so i guess we’ll see what happens. he thinks he’s invinsible and wont get sick but i keep telling him none of us are invinsible. today i’m going on respite. i’ve to be there for 4 PM. i wont leave until about 3:45. I’m nervous and apprehensive about it. of course my anxiety is bad it always is when i have to do something new. plus i will also have nitro with me and i have to worry about his needs like someone helping me to let him out to pee etc. i’m glad he’s coming too though. i have everything packed up now all i need to do is sort out my phone wires and kindle and watch and other electronics. make sure i have all of the wires and everything and dont leave anything behind. i’ll write again tonight when i get settled in.