Tales of my healthy life and weight loss, or not lol

so yesterday I went back to see karen my nutritionist. she weighed me and i hadnt lost anything. in fact i’d gained weight. i was so disappointed. however she said it looks to her as if i am gaining muscle, she couldnt figure out any other reason for why i might have gained, as the only bad things i’d eaten this week were an ice cream cone when we were at the beach, and a slice of cake which was my treat.
she told me not to worry, to keep doing what i’m doing, and it will pay off. so we set new goals, and i went home, determined that i was going to beat this and be down when I step on the scales next week.
Yesterday I ate really healthily, a chicken rap for dinner, I exercised, and today was the same, I exercised, went on the treadmill, and ate a healthy dinner of an omlett.
I’m also drinking plenty of water. And I’m not constipated, which is good. Maybe it will pay off next week, I certainly hope it will.

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