Working on us week 20, my did diagnosis

This week Becky of beckys mental mess for her working on us prompt, has asked those of us who have did to write a narrative and share our experiences of it with the blogging community. So well, of course, I figured I’d get in on the act!
I’m going to write about how I came to my did diagnosis!

First, a little background. I was in a bording school for the blind, from the time I was 5 until I was sixteen. This is where the majority of my abuse took place.
As a young child, I always knew I was different. I heard people. I heard them talking to me, and about me, to each other and about each other, I heard them comment on things, like, what I ate, what I wore, etc.
I never realised then that I had did. That was not diagnosed until much later in my life.
So when I left dublin at age 16, and went to school back home in cork, I was in school 3 months when I had a big ptsd flare up, and after that, I was hospitalised for acute stress disorder which was then labeled ptsd.
I saw a psychiatrist, and she diagnosed me with clinical depression and put me on meds.
A few years later, I saw another psychiatrist, after I started in therapy. I’d been having memories of the abuse, and started going to therapy for that.
He diagnosed me with did, unofficially. I saw this doctor for 5 years, we tried a lot of meds, and I was also hospitalised a few times, we were so unstable back then, there was lots of self harm, suicide attempts etc.
In 2010 I was seeing a therapist and it was being funded by a local organisation here for abuse survivors, in order to continue funding the therapy they needed a formal diagnosis, so they got did experts over here from the Uk to diagnose me, and that is how I came to my did diagnosis.
I had a day long assessment, where I had to answer a ton of questions, a did expert and a psychiatrist interviewed me, and I filled out a lot of questionaires and trauma assessments, and then they went back to the UK and made up their reports, they also recorded the session.
And they diagnosed me with did, after hearing what I had to say, then some time later, after a couple of years, the assessment was repeated, not to diagnose me, but just to check in and see how we were doing after a few years.
My therapist Eileen and dr. barry were at the second assessment, I wasnt seeing them when I was originally diagnosed.
Its been a long road, with many ups and downs, but I’m happy with where things are at right now.


Making sense of psychiatric diagnosis by Ashley Peterson

Ashley who blogs at mental health home, has written an amazing book, and I thought I’d promote it for her!

I think its a must have for anyone dealing with a mental illness, or anyone who has a loved one who has a mental illness.

Here is a blurb about the book.

Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis: Understanding the DSM-5 covers the DSM-5 criteria for a variety of mental illnesses, including what’s involved in making a diagnosis, the symptom criteria for each diagnosis, and an explanation of what the various symptoms actually look like.

In order to give a clearer picture of what different psychiatric diagnoses are actually like to live with, the book includes first-hand accounts from people who have actually experienced each diagnosis.

With the fusion of diagnostic information, clinical experience, and lived experience, this book offers a unique, well-rounded perspective on the reality of mental illness.

Its available to buy in paperback from amazon, or on kindle, or for a cheaper price from Ashleys website, the link is below.

I’ve also attached the cover of the book to this post!

So go on, what are you waiting for, go out and buy this great book, it will make a great addition to your bookshelves.


What causes avoidant personality disorder?



A great post about what causes avoidant personality disorder, read on for more info about it!

via What causes avoidant personality disorder?

The blogger recognition award!

Laura of lauraventurini has nominated me for this wonderful award! Thank you, Laura!

Check out Lauras blog here!

You’ll be glad you did! Her blog is amazing! I love her!

Award rules:
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Ok so how did my blog start?

Well, I have been blogging since 2012. I had an old blog, which I revamped in 2015. I wanted to raise awareness of dissociative identity disorder, and blog about the process of going through psychotherapy. Over the years I broadened it to include all aspects of my life. I called the blog therapy bits initially since it was to do with my therapy and mental illness diagnosis, I love blogging, and have gotten a ton of support from all of you wonderful people on wordpress! Thank you!

My advice to other bloggers would be:

1. Be honest, and real! People prefer honesty and realness!

2. Try not to focus too much on the blog numbers! Its hard not to focus on stats, but if you focus too much on them, you might get disheartened and give up!

I nominate the following bloggers!

All of you wonderful bloggers deserve this award! Enjoy it and have fun and I just want to say I love your blog!

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I might be Bipolar?

Dr. barry said we may have bipolar. She is going to evaluate us some more To see where we are at and what type it may be.
I am scared. I have had many friends with bipolar, but what if I cant manage? What if I fuck up?
Hell I’m already fucking up. My moods very off lately. Up and down and all around. Rapid cycling. So its looking like that may be the type I have.
I have been impulsive in the past. Shopping a lot. Drinking a lot. Self harming a lot. I’ve had psychosis in the past, still have it to a degree its just under control now.
I am just really, really afraid.
I know I need to talk more to dr barry about this. And I will. She did say that one med I take could be keeping the more disruptive symptoms at bay. I take depokate. Mainly for seizures, but its also for my mood.
So we shall see where this leads. For now I dont know where its going.
How did you feel when you got your bipolar diagnosis? were you scared?


Guest blogger Rose Elekanachi

Today we have a guest blogger, her name is Rose, she has written a wonderful post about mental health. Find her post and blog link below.

Name: Rose

Profile: I am Physical Therapist, Exercise Scientist, an intended Personal Trainer. I am a fitness junkie and the content creator for DatOneLady a Blog that addresses issues that Inspires, on Love, and everything Life. I love volunteering,reading, listening to music, planning events as well as watching movies.

You can reach me at any of these platforms;


Instagram: Datonelady

Facebook: Datonelady

Twitter: DatOneLady


Is this a thing?

Should I be worried about it?

What is it about?

How would you recognize it?

Mental Health.

“According to Mental health includes our emotional,psychological and social well-being. it affects how we think, feel and act”

What exactly are you referring to?

You wake, your body awakes

You sleep, your body sleeps/slows down its functions

But our Brain,mind keeps working at full capacity.

Mental Health.

It is the most looked down on?

It is the most neglected entity/Topic,

Most people deny its importance,

Most people think is a sentence never to mentioned,

Mental Health.

If you find yourself or friend retreating,

Acting different from their usual self,

Refusing to talk to anyone,

Refusing to go about their regular activities

Or speaks differently from the person you know,

Please ensure to seek/render some form of help.

How you ask?

A daily smile would be the first medicine.

A listening ear could also be a very good way to start,

A constant check on them would go a long way,

Help them understand they are not alone,

Help them realize that, life is not a journey of one person,

Help them realize that, everyone has a down time,

Help them realize that as humans there are trying times and overcoming those times ends up bringing so much excitement/accomplishment.

Speaking to someone about whatever it is,

Is always the first step to improvement.

Lastly, make sure every family member of yours or that individual is aware,

And they shower all the love that is possible on you or the said individual.

To anyone struggling with any mental health issue i would leave you with this quote;

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know anything about.

– Jonathan Harnisch