I am depressed. It started earlier this week. Yesterday I stayed out of college, and we stayed in bed for the day. This is not good. I know its depression though. We just had no interest in doing anything. We got up once because our home help was coming over to help us cook dinner. Other than that we were just in bed sleeping.
We see dr. barry today. I will mention it to her.
Yesterday our dad went back to his doctor for some results of biopsies. The biopsies were clear but the doctor said that he still may have cancer, it could be just a different form of cancer. He is due to go back to the bowel specialist on the 27th, to talk about the operation he has to have to have the leesion removed from his rectum.
The doctor said yesterday that they may operate one of two ways, either through his rectum or else go through his stomach, either way part of his bowel may have to be removed, and he may have to have a stoma bag for the rest of his life.
This news hit us hard. We thought he was going to be ok. I think this is adding to our depression.
Also Eileen is going on vacation now for a week. This brings up all sorts of feelings for us as well. We are trying to be ok but we are really not ok at all.