Enough with the rain already!

We’ve had rain all week long! I’m so over it!

It is not very spring like, even though Monday was the start of spring!

Now my Alexa just notified me that tonight from about 2 AM there is supposed to be more heavy rain falling.

Great! Just what I need!

I was meant to see Dr. Barry today. I didn’t go. I didn’t feel well.

I felt headachy and very off sorts.

I rang to cancel and her secretary said she’d ring me tomorrow with a new appointment.

Thankfully, I’m relatively stable so it didn’t matter that I didn’t see her.

My friends funeral mass was this morning. I wasn’t able to go but I watched it online.

It was very sad.

She must’ve been in such a dark place to do what she did. I wish somehow she could’ve been saved.

I hope she’s at peace now.

I enjoyed my stew that mom brought me. It was delicious.

I can’t believe the day is almost over. Time has just flown by.