she died by suicide!

Ok so you remember last week I told you about the lady who died, a sister of one of our friendly call clients? And I told you how brenda my supervisor was working with the family? Well we found out the lady who died, she was only 43, and it wasnt a heart attack she had, she died by suicide! She died of an overdose. She’d been found on her parents couch, and all that day the day she was found, she’d been asleep, she hadnt woken up at all, and her son found her dead on the thursday evening. But all of thursday she had never woken up. The client of friendly call, she’s her sister, but she wasnt able to check on her because she is morbidly obese, our client is, and she cant leave her bedroom, so no one was able to check on her sister until her son came over and found her. Its so sad. She was so young. She did have serious mental health issues, in fact the whole family does. Their father died last year of cancer, and he was holding the family together, and when he died things got really bad for them all. Their mother is still alive but she’s a raging alcoholic and she’s very unsteady on her feet, she’s around 76 now and my supervisor thinks it wont be long until the mom dies too. The girl who died, I’ll call her G. And our client, I’ll call her H. G was the only one who could transfer H from bed into her wheelchair, there are home helps coming in but G was the one person who could look after H and meet her needs. Now that G is dead H might have to go to a nursing home to live out the rest of her life. H is only 41. So sad that she’ll have to end up in a nursing home but due to her size and health requirements and her mother being so ill and drinking heavily it might just happen. As it was H wasnt able to attend G’s funeral on Monday, and my supervisor sat with her all day, so she wouldnt be on her own. Which I thought was very kind of her. Her other brother J is in hospital, getting his toes amputated. So he couldnt make g’s funeral either. See how the whole family is struggling? Its tragic. I feel sorry for H and sad for g and I wish we could do more. Its just a really awful situation they’re all in.


I found out some sad news

I found out some sad news this morning. A family that we are working with had a bereavement, the client my supervisor visits each week on friday, her sister died. She was found dead last night. She was found on the couch unresponsive.
No one really knows yet what happened to her. It looks like it was a heart attack or something. Its very sad. My supervisor was very upset when she called me this morning to tell me.
I know the lady that my supervisor visits quite well, I am friends with her on facebook, but I didnt know her sister. She was only 45.
It is a sad situation. My supervisor asked me to go in to work early today and help her out by doing some more calls than I’d normally do as she has to go to the family home to visit the client and that will take all afternoon. I’d said I’d do that for her there is no problem.
I am feeling sad right now. Its hard when there is a death, even if I didnt know the woman who died, I know her sister, and death is always hard, its shocking and painful and loss is tough to deal with no matter who it is that has died.
I pray that the lady who died is at peace now. I’d appreciate thoughts and support and good vibes and prayers if you can manage it.
thanks guys!


My sister almost killed a pig!

Well, I just got off the phone to my sister! She’s in shock!
She almost killed a piglet! No kidding, she did!
They were having a barbecue, and she had leftover food, including bones from ribs. She went to the piglet enclosure and threw the food in to the baby pigs. Well they started eating the food, and then a part of the bone got stuck in one of the piglets throats, and he was choking!
My sister panicked, and ran to get the farmer, but the farmer was only laughing, he told her not to worry, that pigs can eat anything, except teeth!
The pig was ok, he didn’t die, but my sister is not the better of it now!
She came back to where the rest of the family were and she was hysterical! She told me if she’d have killed the baby piglet that she wouldn’t have stayed there, she’d have come back home tomorrow!
I am so glad the little piggys ok!
Apparently the pigs are only a few weeks old!
My sis is a real animal lover, so I can imagine how terrified and panicked she was thinking the pig might die!
I’m just glad he didn’t die! That would have been devastating!

7 years

You remember my cousin who died this year of liver cancer? Her name was Alison. She was fifty remember?
Well her son was on remand, for a drugs charge, he’s 28. Well, found out today he got 7 years, I guess drugs charges are serious, I didnt think what he did was that bad, but then tonight my mom told me he was caught selling drugs, so yes, it is that bad.
I feel sad for him. Now he’ll be in prison until he is in his mid to late 30’s. I know it was his choice to sell drugs, but really there was more to it, he grew up in a part of london that is full of gangs, and so it was kinda a given he was going to do something like this. His life was mapped out for him.
Now he’s in prison, and also grieving the loss of his mom, who he was very close to.
I think when he does get out of there, he’ll be far worse off than he is now. He’ll probably be angry, and rebel or do something else, I think his life wont get any easier once his time in prison is done.
The family didnt need this devastation, his sister and grandparents and aunts and uncle all didnt need more on top of what their already dealing with. A sad sad situation for everyone involved.


Parents friend

My parents are going to visit their long time friend this morning. He’s dying. He hasn’t got long to live.

He’s been asking to see them. He’s got a tumour on his lung. Poor guy. I feel for him.

I don’t envy them having to visit him, I think it will be hard, visiting someone whose dying isn’t going to be easy.

What do you say? How do you handle it? I don’t think I could do it.

I do think though that its good they will go, before he passes on. It will be good for them to be able to say a goodbye. This may be the last time they see him.