Update on Nitro

Nitro got the all clear! He got a clean bill of health at this mornings check up, the only thing the vet did say was the little lump on his ear, its a skin tag, and she said if it grows any bigger then he’ll have to have it removed. But for now she said its fine, I’ve to keep an eye on it though and if it grows go back right away and she’ll remove it.
She said his hips are good, there arent any signs of artheritis.
He lost 2 KG which is around 5 pounds, he is 44 kg now which I am very happy about because normally at his age labs are gaining weight, not losing it. So the walks he’s getting are really helping.
She cleaned his ears too, his left ear was a little waxy, but its fine now. His right ear was fine. Its always his left one that is worse.
Overall he’s fine though, and he was fine going in today, he went willingly with the vet, but when she brought him back to me he literally pulled her across the room to get to me!
Lol! I made sure to give him a treat when we got home! He got the end of my yogurt!
He licked the carton clean!
carol anne