Today is wednesday 2nd June

di AKA pensitivity 101 is our host for the 3 things challenge, this one is from last week…

Your three things today are:

I woke up feeling very sad. I cant shake the feelings.
I slept relatively well, waking a few times during the night, my night meds completely knocked me out, I think its the haldol that put me to sleep.
I’m not complaining! I needed the rest!
I got up at 5 AM. I fed Nitro and went outside with him, the weather is overcast but I think we are meant to have fun later. No plans today, other than chilling out.
My mom and sister are coming over in the afternoon for a couple of hours.
I’m off work all this week, due to my mental health being so unstable at the moment. I am really enjoying my time off, I’ve been reading a ton and relaxing in front of the tv.
I almost forgot I have my second covid shot tomorrow! I really am hoping I wont be too sick after it. Fingers crossed!

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