Friday was better

I’ve had a pretty good day. Slept a lot. Was sooo tired because didnt sleep good last night. Finally my foot settled down and I was able to sleep from about 7 AM till 11 AM. Then came to moms, sat with mom chatting and eventually persuaded her to call the place her doctor referred her to, to ask about her scan. She didnt want to call but I told her its important and because Monday is a bank holiday here she needed to call to see what was happening as nobody will be working on monday. So she called and they told her they got the referral and it was with the consultant now and he was making some decisions about what needed to happen and they’d be calling her shortly. But they never called today. She went to her brothers tonight for drinks. I was going to go with her but then tiredness overcame me and I stayed home with my dad. My dad is also feeling under the weather. He has the leesion on his bowel and he says the pain is really bad. It burns him and he isnt able to go to the toilet. He’s waiting to go in for a colonoskopy on the 16th of January. Its hard having both parents sick. Its a lot of worry. I’m still trying to think positive though.