So much worry about my dad

so i think i mentioned a few days ago about my dad. he has been having trouble with his bowel for months now. but he was refusing to get it checked out. finally a few weeks ago it got so bad that he gave in and went to the doctor. and the doctor referred him for a colonoskopy. and he had that done last Thursday. and they found some polyps which they removed. they also found a leesion in his rectum. they kept him overnight to do an MRI and a CT scan. he was allowed home on friday but he has to go back again in two weeks. they took biopsies from the polyps and the leesion. when he goes back he’ll get the full results of all of the tests he had.
i’m super worried. i googled leesions of the rectum and everything that showed up was mostly about cancer of the colon. if he has cancer, i’m not sure what i’ll do. i have a rocky relationship with my dad at the best of times. we dont see eye to eye a lot. he has had severe anger issues in the past, and has even been abusive to us during our teen years. but despite all this we love him. and we are scared. we are scared what if he has cancer and he might die? its awful to think about. i didnt mention to him that i googled leesions in the rectum but my mom and i did it together. we decided we wouldnt tell him though that we did it. he is worried obviously and has been talking about his symptoms on and off and what might happen when he goes to the outpatient appointment in two weeks. i feel so fragile and just scared and sad. i am not sure how i’ll cope if it turns out that it is cancer. i know i’ll have to be strong. can i be strong though? i really dont know. only time will tell i guess.
if any of you pray, please send positive prayers and good thoughts that my dad will be ok.