Update on dad and his health

So my dad is still sick. He’s improved a little bit, but he’s still not eating much of anything, yesterday he only ate 2 chicken fingers, some baked beans, and a slice of toast, he’s drinking water, and a drink thats sorta like gater aid. At least that will get the electrolites back into his body, if he’s dehydrated, he hasnt had another dizzy spell, not since yesterday morning when he got dizzy while opening the curtains and almost fell. His chest has improved with the antibiotic, but he’s still really weak, but still, he wont see someone. He insists he can get over whatever this sickness is on his own. So mom has given up asking him now, although of course she’s still really worried about him, we all are, but we cant make the choice for him, obviously if he got so bad that he was unable to talk or walk then mom would go ahead and call an ambulance for him. I’m just glad that I dont have to be there because I’m sure he’s very grumpy, he’s grumpy at the best of times, when he’s sick he’s even more moody than he normally is, and he loses control very easily and loses his temper and shouts and yells at us all. So I am glad I’m in my own house with peace and quiet and no stress at least not family stress. I feel sorry for mom having to put up with him, he’s not a very nice person to be around when he’s angry. Mom gives in to him because she doesnt do conflict, she hates confrontation and will do anything to avoid it. I forgot to ask mom if he was still drinking alcohol, knowing him he is, although last week on thursday and friday and saturday every time he drink he threw up, but he shouldnt drink while he’s taking the antibiotic, but you cant tell him, he will just lash out so we dont bother, we just leave it be, let him do what he’s going to do and suffer the consequences of whatever choice he makes, alcohol will always come first for him, because well, he’s a chronic alcoholic.