it’s hard to be fragile and feel a lot of pain

it’s not easy to deal with tears that pour like rain

the outer shell seems solid at times of despair

but the inner me is calling out for love and care

the inner me is vulnerable and lying on the floor

curled up in a foetal position like so many times before

I try not to let the inner me seep out

but sometimes my head pounds and then I might pout

it’s hard to feel safe when you feel made of glass

I’d rather be made of stone that won’t break when you pass

I would not wish upon my greatest enemies now

all the feelings swirling inside me barely contained somehow

but there must be hope left in my soul to breathe

because I am still standing, waiting for more to receive

hope is something to cling to, in ones darkest hours

even when all seems lost, hope has certain powers

and so I stand even in a fragile state of mind

looking for that spark inside that’s sometimes hard to find