littles. darina talking

liz sen me ote to tok
so her i be ha
put up wif me
rit guys
ya all lov me tho rit
cuz i am cute
hahaha everin says that
thay says yur so cute
cute as a buton
so yep dats me
cute as can be
im six in case ya dint kno
i usd to be four
but i growed to six
cuz i am smart
and cute smart and cute ha
i got to email my sissy tonit
my sissy innother system
her nam abby
she my bestest sissy
she liv far way tho in america
and im in ireland
very very far
big ocean got tween us
i visit her tho somtims
and wen i do we do things together
we go stor to get candy
and soda and we go on aventures
hahaha i like aventures