Mom got the results of her CT scan

Mom got her results today of the ct scan she had. They’re not good. The doctor said she has nodules on her lungs, we dont know what the nodules are, so she will have to go for further tests, some sorta scan, where radiation is involved, to see what exactly the nodules are, and what is going on.
I’m very worried. She is too. But she’s trying to stay positive, and I am, too.
Not sure what the treatment options will be, I do know though that she probably wouldnt be a candidate for surgery due to her low lung function…I dont think she could handle an anaestetic.
The consultant is going to write to her over the next week with an appointment to come in for further tests. I would really appreciate if you’d all continue to pray, send positivity, good vibes, etc.
It would mean a lot to me.