random sunday musings

todays been mostly an ok day. one of the nurses from the weekend team phoned me early this morning. i forgot she’d be phoning so i left my phone in the bedroom. so then she rang my mom to see where i was. i was annoyed at that but i suppose they have to do that. dr. barry said they freak out when they cant get hold of you.
the nurse who called was called cora. i found her to be better than jessica who was the nurse who called yesterday. she asked me how i was doing and how i’d slept. i told her i was just trying to stay busy until tomorrow when i could see dr. barry.
she told me to ring during the day if i needed anything, they are working until 5 PM. its good to know i can call if things get worse.
i had dinner at mom and dads. my sister and her partner came with the two kids. the kids always cheer me up. my sister was taking lauren who is 7 shopping for a communion dress. Mom went with them. i am heading to my friend Normas soon I’m just waiting for her to ring me.
i thought i was getting a stomach bug last night. i felt bad and had pains in my stomach and gas. but luckily it never materialised and boy was i glad. i hate stomach bugs.