Therapy-My safe place

It was so good to go back to doing face to face sessions today.
Back to the safety and security of eileens office.
I loved being back in her presence.
We still had to social distance a little bit, but she did sit nearer to me, she had been across the room, but she wore a mask and came nearer to me.
Her soothing calming voice instantly calmed me down. I’d been super anxious on my way there, but as soon as she met me at the door and showed me to my chair I instantly calmed down.
I asked her if she’d record herself saying “there is no 9 9 9” and she of course agreed to do that for us. So I took out my phone and had her record herself saying it.
Now we have that and can listen to it when we’re really agitated or anxious and pacing the floors.
The hour we had flew by!
At least I don’t have a full week to wait, as I see her again next Monday.
Her office is definitely my safe place!
And I had the slinky in my hand, and I was fiddling around with it while we talked, not for the whole time, as we did some EMDR as well and used the pulsers.
Now I am home I feel calm, and soothed.