An email response from eileen!

I wrote Eileen an email last night, I was in a really dark place when I wrote to her. I shared a lot of hard emotions with her, a lot of tough stuff and I was so hoping she’d respond to me! She didnt let me down! She responded with a lovely kind message. Here is what she said in her email to me!
Hi Carol anne, I wanted to reach out to you as you experience what sounds like a really tough day. I do hear and appreciate that in this place you feel alienated and not understood or reachable. Of course I have no idea of what is is like to have walked in your shoes or experienced what you have been through. My desire has always been to know what it feels like from your perspective and to support your healing to step into the wonderful person you are. I am very committed to that, and its what you deserve.
I am also committed to being able to see you face to face as soon as its safe to do so.
In the meantime see you on Monday
Take care,

I feel seen, heard, validated by her! I feel so blessed to have her! She is an amazing therapist!