Watching a true crime show about casey anthony

So I just got done watching a show on the casey anthony murder mystery, you know, she murdered her 2 year old daughter, and got away with it. I mean how she got away with it is beyond me, a jury should’ve found her guilty, but they didnt.
She was from Orlando, and in 2008 her 2 year old went missing, and for a month it wasnt reported, a whole month!
Then the family car was found and finally she was a suspect. They said in the show she was a liar, a compulsive liar, and she was a party girl, she hated having a child.
The theory was, that she medicated her little girl with xanax and chloroform, and drowned her in their swimming pool. Then she put the body in the trunk of the familys car and drove around for 5 days with the body in the car, before finally disposing of it in a wooded area a half mile from their home.
How could anyone be so evil! She was only 22 I believe when she did this to her child!
I’m stunned that a jury didnt convict her!
On the show you could just see how the prosecution attorney felt so bad for the little girl, she even said she felt like she’d let her down because no justice was served.
It was a good show. I hadnt even planned on watching it, I had planned on watching I survived, which is a show about people surviving horrific things, but that wasnt on tonight, and this true crime show was on instead!


A shocking story!

I am in complete shock! Something terrible happened a few days ago in Dublin, in ireland! A bag was found by a young boy with body parts in it! Body parts! What is this world coming to!

They’re saying it was down to gangland activity, the body parts belonged to a 17 year old boy. He was murdered and then his body dismembers and tossed on the side of the road! How absolutely tragic!

This world is an awful place. I cant fathom how people could just do that and then go on with their day just as if
nothing happened! Its ludacris!

Its all over our news. There is a big guarda investigation. I hope they’ll catch whoever did this. They’re saying it was down to the teenager oweing drug money. But OMG! Its just terrible that his life was cut short in this awful way!

Evil online?

I watch investigation discovery a lot. I was just watching evil online. God its so creepy. This one was about this guy who stalked a teacher, and he told her a bunch of lies, and they met on a beach in florida, and at first they were dating like for 8 months, and then he wrote a ton of post it notes and put them all over her house to say this is too hard and I cant do this and , dont look for me etc etc. but then after 2 years he contacted her again, and he would not give up, kept watching her, showing up where she was etc. anyway he had told her his mom and dad died when he was 12, and that he was adopted, that they’d died in a car crash. turns out he wasnt using his real name at all, and that he’d actually murdered his parents and his 10 year old brother when he was 14. the girl he was stalking went to the police with this info, but all she was able to get was a restraining order, and the police had no power to arrest him, not unless he hurt her in some way, even though she was scared for her life, they could do nothing. anyway, he kept sending horrific emails, evil ones, that threatened this girl, and in the end the police did trace him, and luckily for her they caught him just in time, as he was in georgia when they caught him, in a motel, but he was on his way to her school where she taught second grade, with a gun. god knows what would have happened if she didnt find out about his past, and if the police didnt trace him. she probably wouldnt have been around to live to tell the tale.

I find shows like this so interesting, but my god, it also scares me half to death!

Tossing and turnning all night

I only got a little sleep. I started watching tv at around 11 last night, and I got hooked on some shows. I probably shouldnt have, but I was watching crimes that shook britain, it was an old episode which I hadnt seen, it wasnt creepy or too triggery so I decided to stay up and watch it, that show started at midnight, and lasted for an hour. Then I was flicking channels for a while. I was going to watch sex sent me to the ER on discovery home and health but then the tiredness overtook me. I turned off the tv and fell asleep. I did have a few crazy dreams, but mostly what kept waking me up was my cough. It was horrible and I kept having to get up to get a drink. At around 4 AM I was feeling hungry so I ate a banana. I did manage to go back to sleep for about another hour, but at 6:30 I gave up and got up. Had to see to nitro and now he’s fed and was outside, I have a little time to spare before I need to get ready to go to therapy. I’m thinking I probably shouldnt go into work today. It wouldnt be fair to go in and pass my germs around the office. I’ll ring my supervisor later on this morning to let her know. It will give me the morning once I am back home to finish off my assignment for college. I literally have 400 words left to write and its done. I’ll be oh so glad when its finished. Completed and handed in! Uploaded to canvas! What a relief that will be!


Do true crime shows trigger you?

I was just wondering something. I watch a lot of true crime shows. I was watching one last night before bed, I know, not a good idea to do that, but I was ok, it was a little triggery but I wasnt too triggered and I was able to sleep after watching it. It was britains darkest taboos, I was catching up on some episodes that I missed.
What I am wondering is, do you watch true crime shows, and, if you do, do they trigger you or make you think that it might happen to you? If you live alone does it bother you?
I do love those type of shows. I am not sure why. I am thinking because I experienced a lot of times in my life when I thought I might not survive, that it seems more real to me. And so thats why I watch them. they are true to life and that resonates more with me.
So what about you? How do you feel about true crime shows?


7 years

You remember my cousin who died this year of liver cancer? Her name was Alison. She was fifty remember?
Well her son was on remand, for a drugs charge, he’s 28. Well, found out today he got 7 years, I guess drugs charges are serious, I didnt think what he did was that bad, but then tonight my mom told me he was caught selling drugs, so yes, it is that bad.
I feel sad for him. Now he’ll be in prison until he is in his mid to late 30’s. I know it was his choice to sell drugs, but really there was more to it, he grew up in a part of london that is full of gangs, and so it was kinda a given he was going to do something like this. His life was mapped out for him.
Now he’s in prison, and also grieving the loss of his mom, who he was very close to.
I think when he does get out of there, he’ll be far worse off than he is now. He’ll probably be angry, and rebel or do something else, I think his life wont get any easier once his time in prison is done.
The family didnt need this devastation, his sister and grandparents and aunts and uncle all didnt need more on top of what their already dealing with. A sad sad situation for everyone involved.


Question of the day

Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

Me, yes! I was a victim of a sexual assault a few times due to abusers contacting us, and of course there is also the childhood abuse I endured too, to me that all counts as a crime!