Now I feel so guilty ug!

I had a moment of weakness, and I ordered take away food for my lunch. I am not pleased that I caved and gave in to my cravings!
I wish I hadn’t eaten it now! I feel so guilty!
I suppose all I can do now is move on. Start fresh from now. Try to do the next right thing. Try to focus again!
Has anyone got some words of wisdom for me?
Words of encouragement even?
I could so use them! Why is it always so easy to give in!
I really, really need to work harder on saying no to cravings!

Chocolate cravings

Last night I got a terrible craving for chocolate. I knew my dad had some in the kitchen. The craving was very strong. I just had to get up and get a few squares. I havent eaten chocolate a lot lately, in fact I’ve had very very little of it. The only chocolate I had recently was a cadburys cream egg on easter.

So at 1 AM I got up, and went out to the kitchen, and grabbed four squares of dairy milk chocolate. That satisfied me and I was able to go to sleep then.

Until this morning that was…when my dad opened the kitchen cupboard and realised his chocolate had been touched, he was like, whose been eating my chocolate? My mom asked me if I had, and I had to confess, that yes, my diet went out the window last night.

But it was so worth it. Now that I’ve had it I probably wont eat it again for a while.