I want apple strudel!

hi people! its allie! darinas here with me! we’re thinking about apple strudel. wishing we had some. I love that stuff! its so yummy! maybe we can make some this weekend! I am going to ask our mom if we can. I know how! I really want to bake something and apple strudel sounds like a nice thing to have! but maybe we’re not meant to eat it cuz of the dumb diet we’re on! But maybe we can have just a little? A teeny piece? I hope so! Cuz I love it and I am craving it now that I read Novas word of the day! Its late, I gotta go to bed! Its the middle of the night, and I should be sleeping! So good night from me and darina!
allie 9

#NDRW – #66


I am craving a burger. I read someone else’s blog post. they had burgers for dinner, and now I want one.
damn I wish I could have one!
I will have to settle for crackers, did you know on my diet a big mac is worth 25 syns?
and a milkshake is worth 19?
i’m only allowed 15 a day!
the good thing is chicken tenders are worth 2 each so four chicken tenders are worth 8 syns!
so all food isn’t bad!
I am so hungry now though, why is it I am always hungry in the middle of the night?
its 1 AM here now.
well I’m gonna go make some crackers and eat a yogurt.
carol anne