Feel like cancelling therapy!

I am so anxious! I feel absolutely terrible!

I want to cancel my therapy session this morning! That’s not a good sign, as I almost never want to do that. I’m not gonna cancel it, but I really don’t feel up to having a session this morning.

However, I’ll push on through. I’ll tell Eileen how I am feeling. Maybe putting words on it is going to help me. I hope so!

I have 3 hours before the session. I need a cup of coffee and a good cry. I really feel like shit!

Is anyone around? Could use some support if you are!

Is it onle me?

Or when you turn on the tv at 2 AM do you see nothing but infomercials?
I turned on my tv just now hoping to find something to watch, and to also drown out the noise of the rain, but what is there to watch? Sweet fuck all that’s what!
Infomercials selling hair removal products, matresses, etc. Oh. My. Gawd.
Why? Is anyone watching at 2 AM really gonna buy that shit?
I mean c’mon!
I just want to watch a show not see this crap!
I think its time to switch over to net flicks?