Who won the week?

Fandango does a weekly prompt, called, who won the week. It is an opportunity to praise someone, or something, and give them your nomination as someone who has won your week.

This week my nomination goes to the general public here in cork city in ireland where I live. There was a story on the radio last week, about a father and son, who are living in a broken down bus, they’ve been homeless for the past 25 years, and have lived on this bus for the last 4 years.

The son has a TBI, and is very ill, and his father is caring for him. An interview with them both went out on our local morning talk show last week, and after the interview, the public really got behind them and rallied around, offering to help.

Some local charities are also helping them. Currently a mobile home is trying to be sourced, so they’ll have somewhere decent and habitable to live. Right now where they are they have no running water, no toilet facilities, and barely any electricity.

The public have been amazing, donated food, money etc. to them.

I’ve noticed that any time there is help needed in my local city, any time any story breaks, the general public always come up trumps. It gives me a warm feeling inside to know people still care, people are still generous and will help others when the chips are down.

So this week the local cork people get my vote. They have won the week for me this week.