Participating in some research

I was asked this morning by my supervisor at friendly call if I’d participate in some research that is taking place about the services.
Here is what it involves.

Friendly Call Service is engaging in a research project to understand the scope of the Friendly Call Cork befriending service during COVID-19 and how it links in with community healthcare services. Part of the research involves 1 hour online focus groups with volunteers. The group will be asked to discuss their perspectives on the service, how it has been adapted and scaled up during COVID-19, the type of support and advice provided by volunteers, and how referrals into and out of the service work.

The researchers are looking for a combination of long standing volunteers, volunteers who joined during the pandemic, and volunteers who have left the service for any reason so any current or former volunteers are welcome to participate!

I am very excited to participate! It is a great opportunity I think to give my thoughts/opinions and feedback on what I think about the services we offer.

I’m not sure yet when the research will take place, but I told my supervisor I am happy to participate in it and to pass my details on to the researchers!