wow coronavirus stats

Just heard on our news, we here in ireland have over 3000 cases of corona virus now. We’ve had 13 more deaths today bringing our death total to 71.
its so scary. They are predicting that the virus will peak for us from April 10th to april 14th. There is supposed to be a spike in cases then.
So the advice to all is, stay put, stay home, dont go anywhere unnecessarily. I am glad I have a home, I am also glad I dont have underlying medical conditions that make me suseptible to catching it.
Small blessings, a lot to be thankful for.

Check up call

Seems everyone is being kind these days, checking up on me, to see that I am ok, I am so thankful. My resource worker from the NCBI which is our local blindness agency called me this evening. She said she’d been thinking about me and wanted to see if I was ok. Bless her. I was so thrilled that she called. We had a great catch up. She said the NCBI are trying to organise a few groups, like a book club which will be done virtually, and a chat group one or two times a week jus to check in with everyone. I knew this already since I am on a whats app group for blind people, a technology group and this morning the head of tecnology messaged to ask us if we were all able to use zoom. And to ask us what we thought of a chat group a couple times a week. Everybody thought it was a great idea. My resource worker told me to save her phone number, and not to hesitate to call her if I need anything, and she said she’d check back in in a week or so to see how I am doing. She is so kind, its amazing how people are pulling together during this tough time, I’ve felt so loved, and cared for. Its been amazing, and I am feeling so blessed to have so many supportive peole in my life.

An offer to my readers

Ok, so I had a call this evening from my resource worker at the national council for the blind.
She was calling to check on me, and see that I am doing ok. We had a good catch up.
She emailed me on some info about managing emotions, managing distress, and managing sleep during the covid19 pandemic.
If any of you wan a copy of it, email me, and I’ll gladly share it with you.
My email is

I read through it, and its really great info!
I’m happy to share it!

What day is it anyway? Friday March 27th 2020

Its Friday! Yay! Hoping ya’ll are having a great day!
Mines been awesome so far!
I decided to go to my parents for the weekend! I was planning not to go, but then I got so bored at home, and I was missing my mom. So I decided to go and spend the weekend with them. I got here around 4:30. I spent a bit of time chatting and watching tv with my parents.
Its been 3 weeks since my moms been out of the house. My dad is doing the grocery shopping, and the other things that mom usually does. He’s not liking it but he’s doing it anyway.
I didnt get to take Nitro for a walk today! I was planning on taking him out, but then I knew I’d have to get a taxi home after grocery shopping, and I wasnt sure if they’d take him in the back seat since now with the coronavirus the new law is that you have to sit in the back of the taxi!
So I felt really guilty not taking him out!
My dad said if he feels up to it he’ll take him out in the morning, which will be great for him. My plan is to take him on tuesday again. For an hour long walk. It will do him good and do me good too!
Nothing planned this weekend, other than starting a new book! Dont know what I’ll read yet, but I have plenty to choose from. I’m not short on books!
Well enjoy the rest of friday!
Oh yeah, now the UK prime minister has coronavirus, and prince charles also has it as well!
Ireland has had 19 deaths now, we had 10 yesterday. We have over 1800 cases of the coronavirus here now.


Insomniac at 4 AM

I am wide awake. I cant sleep. At least my headache is gone. Thank god!
I’m full of anxious thoughts. Full of awful anxious feelings. Anxiety is awful I am so over it and I wish it would just disappear.
I was feeling cold, so put my heat on, and turned on the radio, there is a repeat of this mornings talk show on. I have already heard it, but mostly I put the radio on for background noise.
My friend Norma said she’d come over this morning, she’s going to bring me some gloves, disposable gloves to use when I go to the ATM machine tomorrow, because well, you don’t know whose been using it before you so its a good idea to wear the gloves when touching it. Well I think so anyway.
I did sleep a little bit, but I wish I’d gotten a bit more sleep. I dozed on and off, but I couldnt fall into a deep sleep. I am too worked up. This coronavirus has me so anxious.
I’m worried about my sister now possibly having it, she’s been around me and so I am worried in case I will catch it too. Its a huge worry too in case my mom will catch it. Dont know what I’d do if anything was to happen to my mom. Will just have to hope that the lady who my sister worked for doesnt have it and so she couldnt have passed it on to her.
I’m gonna go make a cup of coffee, I need a caffeine fix. Lol. 😀

My sister and coronavirus

My sister works as a health care assistant. She goes into peoples homes and cares for them. Last week she started working with a new client, and, today her job called her to tell her that the client in question was in contact with someone who had coronavirus.
Needless to say my sister is very scared now. She was so stressed out when she came over to my house. The girl who called her from her job, wanted to know if she was happy to continue going in to the lady, as she’s showing no symptoms, of course, my sister said that no, she wasnt comfortable doing that. and she wouldnt continue to go to her house and work with her.
They told my sister that the lady will be in the clear once march 31st rolls around, if she still hasnt shown any symptoms. I really really hope my sister is going to be ok! I hope she doesnt have it, because she’s been in contact with me, with our parents, and with her own family and her other clients from her job.
I am very anxious now, and so worried!
I do not want to catch this virus! And I dont want any of my family members to have it either especially my mom!
Please pray none of us have it!


Cases of coronavirus diagnosed in ireland, and another death tonight

A 7th person has now died in ireland from the coronavirus. And we now have 1329 cases as of tonight. Things are set to get a lot worse here, I think. We had over 200 new cases diagnosed today. But there is a huge backlog of people waiting to be tested, over 40 thousand people are awaiting a test for the virus.
Its a very scary time for us all!