Unexpected leave of absence

So I’m a bit freaked out. Got a phone call from Dr. Barrys secretary this morning. I’m meant to see Dr. Barry tomorrow morning. The secretary phoned to say that there was a problem. Apparently, Dr. Barry is out of the office unexpectedly for the next 2 weeks.
My first thought?
She might have covid. Or she may have come into contact with someone who does, so she’s self isolating. I’m not sure if its true, but I’m worried. I mean she’s never out of the office, unless its planned holidays or something like that. She just doesnt take unexpected leave.
I’m pretty freaked out!
I wish I knew the reason, but I wasnt told, and I didnt feel I could ask Karen her secretary. But maybe I will ask Sarah the CPN on friday when she phones me and see if she can tell me anything.