Looking after my mental wellbeing

I am feeling unstable at the moment, very much so, so in order to look after me, and my mental wellbeing, I will do some stuff to try to break out of the func I am currently in!
The first thing I will do is write a post answering laura of laura venturini’s weekly song challenge! Thanks for tagging me Laura!
After that, I will go make a cup of tea, because I am not able to sleep, and hot tea soothes me. And it soothes my alters, so tea it is!
Then, I might have a snuggle with nitro, if I can get him to wake up! He always makes me feel better. I am sure he wont object if I want to pet him and snuggle him! He loves pets and scratches!
After that, I think I’ll read a chapter or two of my book. Maybe have a shower, maybe put on some nice smelling lotion, I have my lovely rose scented one, that always reminds me of my therapist eileen, who I miss a lot right now!
I will be ok! I am not giving up or giving in to the darkness or dark emotions and thoughts!I can beat them! I got this! I can do it!
I am strong! I am courageous! I am a fighter!


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#Writing prompt 29

My voice matters because

My voice matters because when I was little I couldnt speak out.

I didnt have a choice back then, I couldnt say no. I was just abused and that was that.

My voice matters now, and I will do what I can to raise awareness of child abuse, mental illness, and most of all to raise awareness of the struggles I go through each day.

I matter, I am learning that, for years I believed I didnt, now I know thats not true.

When your given an opportunity, speak out. Its the only way to make people listen. Its the only way to show people how much your story means, and how what you’ve gone through has effected you.

Never ever give up. Speak out, be courageous, be brave, you matter, we all matter!

In response to sarah elizabeths writing prompt!


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