Surprised in a good sorta way

Well guys, I got my electricity bill in my email this morning.

And this time, I was pleasantly surprised!

I am in credit by 341 euros!

Initially I was in credit by 550 euros!

So my bill was around 210 euros, that is for 2 months usage.

That is really good, considering I have a dryer that I am using and my cooker, my laptop is always on, my lights, my tv, radio, Alexa, etc.

I am happy that I am in credit still.

In early March I will be getting 200 euros from the government on my electricity bill, as a top up. It is part of their cost of living plan that everybody gets as part of our yearly budget.

That is going to really help with April’s bill.

It will bring me back up to 550 euros in credit again.

So yep, I am happy.

Very, very happy!