Going back home today

So I decided that I need to go home to my own house. I need to be there, living there. I am afraid if I dont stay there something might happen. The house might be broken into! Plus I need to heat it up! So I just need to be there and so I am heading home today. I dont have much food in so on Tuesday I’ll have my PA Frances take me grocery shopping, after I go to slimming world. I’m sure its going to be a nightmare going to the store, but I really dont have a choice, I need food. I’m kind worried about getting in a taxi today, but I figure I will just wash my hands really well afterwords. I also have to go in a taxi tomorrow morning to see Eileen, hopefully taking good care of hygiene will be all that I need to do. I will be working from home every day this week. I can work far more efficiently if I am in my own house, not in my parents house. So I just need to do this, its the best thing, and I’m only going out if I have to, or need to. The reason I’m still going to slimming world is that if I dont, I’ll still have to pay the 9 euro it costs to be weighed, so I might as well go. But other than going to therapy, slimming world and getting groceries I wont be going anywhere this week. I’ll be staying put.

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