We’re in lockdown now!

Well it has happened! We are now officially in lockdown!

The government made an announcement early this evening.

All schools are closed, they said until April 19th, but I’m pretty sure it will be for longer than that.

We’re not allowed to gather in groups of more than 4 people!

All non essential businesses are closed! Restaurants, cafe’s, everything is shut down!

Grocery stores are staying open, but we arent allowed to go out unless its absolutely essential.

They said we’re in this for the long haul. This could go on for months is what they said.

There is a law now that if your in a taxi, you have to sit in the back seat. You cant sit in the front.

Police are on the streets, manning the public parks, and other amenities.

I’ll be staying home, not gonna go to my parents. My PA said she’s still working, and unless that changes, I’ll be staying put.

I need access to good wifi, to do therapy, and my conference calls for slimming world.

So thats where things are at. I am anxious, very, very anxious. My anxiety has hit an entirely new level.

The only thing we can do now is sit tight, and wait, wait for this to pass, and as our local media here keeps saying, it will pass. It wont go on forever.

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May be postponing my US trip to colorado

Ok so Donald trump has put a travel bann on people visiting the US from most of europe, he had excluded ireland and the UK, but from Monday the bann extends to both ireland and the UK also. The bann is for 30 days, but that could go on longer depending on how this coronavirus pans out.

So it is looking likely that I’ll have to postpone my visit to colorado to see Sarah. I’m going to ring the travel agent on Monday to see what they will say. If I am given an option to cancel the trip and get refunded I will, and then I will just rebook the trip when things die down.

I think given all thats going on with coronavirus, its the best option all around. I could go and get sick, and pass the virus on, or I could get sick and end up sick in another country and end up there for weeks if not months, so its best not to put myself in that predicament.

At least I can rebook the trip. I will still be able to go visit Sarah. It might just have to wait a little longer than we had planned.

We’re planning for me to go in july, or else early fall, we arent sure yet and we’re just waiting to see what happens with the coronavirus. At least my visa is valid for 2 years, thats good at least. Now the US ESTA visas arent being approved, since the bann is coming into effect, so mine was approved just in time!

Nowhere to be gotten!

Cleaning products, hand soap, nowhere to be found!
I cant quite believe the way people are still panic buying!
A few days in and they are still trying to buy up every pack of wipes, bleach, surface cleaner etc!
And there are literally no bottles of hand soap to be had!
Omg this is nuts!
Luckily I got mine last week, before all this started!
Yesterday my aunt was visiting my mom, she said she ended up having to buy shower gel to wash her hands! She wasnt able to get any soap!
I’m just like wow!
Absolutely nuts it is!

Bad migraine so didnt go to work!

I had a bad migraine this morning so I didnt do my shift today on friendly call, I told my supervisor I felt too ill to do it and she was fine with it.
She sent me an email a few minutes ago asking if I would be able to work all 5 days next week. I said I would, so she sent me on my list of clients to call. All of the staff from the office are self isolating now so we’re all working from home.
Thank god my migraine is gone now. I feel much better! I slept for a couple hours which was needed. I ate dinner and took a nice long hot bath.
I think this weekend will be full of reading and relaxing and not much else. I dont want to risk going out unless I absolutely have to.


Well, more bad news due to corona!
My graduation has been canceled! The university took the decision to cancel it. They said it will go ahead in October instead of in april.
I am so disappointed, but I guess its better to be safe than sorry!
Also, my niece’s confirmation was canceled, all confirmations were canceled until further notice. She was meant to make her confirmation on March 31st!
Now we’re not sure when she will make it! Its all very up in the air!

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Corona crisis

So we’ve had an update from our government this morning about the corona virus…the government said all schools and colleges are on shut down from 6 pm tonight, and they’ll remain closed until march 29th. Also all cultural events are canceled, and mass gatherings of over 100 people are also to be canceled.
Mom went grocery shopping this morning, and she said it was absolutely nuts in the store. People were lining up and all of the shelves which contained the toilet rolls were empty, also all of the cleaning products were almost gone off the shelves. I guess people want to buy as much as possible, so that they dont or wont have to go to a store unless its absolutely necessary.
I decided to go to my parents house today, and stay until Sunday, I will go home on Sunday, but I may end up coming back to their house if things get any worse.
I heard on the radio this morning that the next month will tell a lot, and that the hope is, we’ll be over this within a month. I really hope thats true!
Donald trump canceled all flights in and out of the USA, except flights from england and Ireland. All other european flights in and out of the US are canceled. I’m just hoping that by april things will have calmed, and I’ll still be able to travel. If not, then I guess I’ll postpone the trip, I mean if I have to obviously I will.
Its a tough time for us all!

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