If your in cork in ireland and need help during the corona virus, get in touch with friendly call!

I work for an organisation called friendly call. It is an organisation here in cork. Its run by the cork city partnership. The idea is that we ring those who live alone, are vulnerable or isolated, chronically or mentally ill, or elderly. We ring them each day Monday to friday to check in with them. At the moment there are over 200 clients recieving a dily phone call from the volunteers and we have around 30 volunteers. We’re working from home right now due to the corona outbreak. We can also go shopping and get stuff for our client if they need it. If you are living in cork, you can either self refer or you can have your gp, public health nurse, family or friends refer you to the service. Dont worry, its confidential. You are not alone. If you need help, or to chat to someone, give brenda Barry a call, Brenda is the boss and she is in charge of the friendly call service. Go ahead and call her. Her number is
She’d be happy to set you up with a daily call straight away!
We’re here to help!
Dont feel you have to do it alone! We all need to be there for each other at this hard time!

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