Going to Cobh for the day

Happy Saturday guys! Today mom and me are going for a day out to Cobh. Cobh is a local tourist town in cork. Its a beautiful town. We decided to go there and have lunch and go walking around the town, maybe go into one of the bars for a drink, as well. We have to take the train there. Its a pretty short train journey, its around 20 minutes outside of cork city.
I will try to take some photos while we are there, and post some later on this afternoon.
I am so looking forward to going! The weather is cool, it is supposed to stay cloudy but stay up at around 20 degrees C.

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Laugh of the day. Ross brown prank calls the jeremy kyle show!

Ross brown is a local cork comedian. He’s very very funny. The Jeremy kyle show is a UK day time chat show. Its trashy. Here is ross, prank calling them. Listen to this and have a good laugh!

Relaxing at home!

I had a fabulous afternoon! We all enjoyed the afternoon tea. What a treat! It was lovely. So much food too! It looks like there isnt too much of it, but when you start eating you realise there’s actually lots of food! We had sandwiches, and mini cakes, and scones with jam and cream. The sandwiches were filled with cream cheese and salmon, roast beef with horse raddish and lettuce, egg and watercress, and chicken and pesto. They were delicious. The cakes were delicious too. I had promised myself I’d only eat one or two, but my promise sorta went out the window, I ate way more than that. I couldnt resist. I am not going to worry about it now though. Whats done is done. I dont do this every weekend so a treat is ok. We also had tea and coffee to drink. It really was such a lovely treat. After our afternoon tea we went next door to the blarney wollenmills store, which is a store that is very expensive, but tourists shop there a lot, they sell lots of wool items. They also sell other stuff like dishes, and furniture and other stuff. I bought some oil for my defuser, ginger and lemon grass. It smells divine. It was 20 euro a bottle, but I said I’d treat myself to a bottle since I am out. After looking around for a while we left. We had to go to a local grocery store as I needed some fruit, water, and sweet potato fries, and then on our way back to mom and dads we had to stop off to get my dad some food. We’re only just home a few minutes. I plan on relaxing for the rest of the evening. I’m a little tired, so I might have an early night. We’ll see how it goes. I had a lovely day though.

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Saturday plans, going to the glow christmas market

today we’re going to a christmas market. its in the city centre.

its called glow. I’m going with my mom and sister and my niece and nephew. It should be fun!

There is live music, a food market, and there is even a ferris wheel! I dont think I’ll go on the ferris wheel. I love the atmosphere in there though. So many people milling around, such a nice, festive atmosphere.

I think I’ll get something to eat from one of the food stalls. They are quite expensive but the food is so nice! So yummy! I might get a crape, or a doughnut, or something else!

The highlight of the market is that a park has been turned into a winter wonderland. This years theme is christmas time in old cork, you know, like long ago what it was like to be spending christmas in cork!

I’m so excited to go! We’re going to have an amazing day I think!

I will post photos later today!

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Heard on the radio

I’m listening to the radio. I’m listening to a talk show, from earlier in the week, I think its last friday. A mother is on talking about her 12 year old daughter and her friend, who were almost abducted on their way home from school a few days ago.
It is so scary! 5 foreign guys in their 20’s, and one guy in his 40’s approached them, the guys were in a car, and they beckoned the girls to get in. The girls knew not to, but they panicked, and luckily another man in a van came along and blocked the car and allowed the girls time to run off into a nearby store.
God knows what would have happened if he hadnt come along! The girls may have been seriously hurt, or even killed!
Whats the world coming to? Kids cant even walk a short distance home from school nowadays! Everywhere is so unsafe, nothing and no one is safe these days.
I really shouldnt be listening to such things before bed. Now I definitely wont sleep thinking about this.

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2 photos of the presentation of the cheque to friendly call staff

So here are 2 photos from yesterday. These are of us getting presented with the cheque for friendly call. I hope you like them. I am in these photos probably not looking at the camera though…
carol anne

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Look at this, a fearless elderly man fights off robbers

Ok so over the weekend a book makers near where I live was robbed by 3 armed men. Watch what happens when this fearless 84 year old takes them on. He was so brave! He deserves an award for his bravery! He wasn’t afraid to fight back! He is inspiring!
The raders did not get any money because of him and what he did taking them on!
Watch this let me know what you think!