Omg guys! What an afternoon I’ve had!
I went in to work, not to work, but to do college work instead!
I hardly got any done though! I procrastinated too damn much!
But my supervisor did send me on a ton of stuff which I will use! Looks like I am still going to be doing college stuff this coming weekend, even though I thought I wouldnt be!
Oh well, it is what it is!
I hope I can do it this weekend, on Saturday, and get it over with!
I’m glad I did go in today though! I enjoyed being in the company of others!
Plus one of my classmates came in to the office! She runs some groups for the partnership, but she’s also studying and is in my class!
We had a good chat!
Anyway, I am going to chill for the rest of the evening!
I’m switching off for a while! Be back later!


Another photo from this weeks friendly call presentation and lunch!

This one was taken by the photographer a professional one so its good! Enjoy!


I’m dragging ass a little bit

Im volunteering now. I just got here about half an hour ago. Everyone is at lunch, except one girl. We chatted a little and she made me a cup of tea. I’m dragging ass a little. Thats what getting very little sleep does to you. I only got about 2 hours. And that wasnt until 7 AM. I woke again around 9:40. And I just now found out the girl who usually gives me a ride home is out sick with an ear infection. So I am not sure if I have a ride or not. There is one other girl who might do it. If not I will have to get a taxi. I am going to ask my supervisor today about increasing my hours. I’d like to do 2 days a week here so we’ll see what she says. I’m sure she’ll be ok with me doing that. I hope she will anyway.
carol anne


first day of volunteering at cork city partnership

so i had my first day volunteering today at the cork city partnership. it went really well. everyone is so nice. i got there at 2 PM. i spent 3 hours there doing different things. basically my supervisor told me I could pretty much be asked to do anything that any of the rest of the staff are doing. today was an easy day. i had to fold flyers, that part was boring. there was 200 flyers to fold up and i am not good at folding so i think they werent folded that neatly. after that the receptionist patricia said she had to go into a meeting with one of the other community development workers so she quickly gave me a crash course in how to use their phone system and then I was on my own. it was ok though, i was able to transfer calls without much trouble so that was something at least. we worked out a way for me to get messages to the staff, we decided that any messages that would come through I could just email them to whoever they were for. that works fine for me. i have to say i really enjoyed the experience of volunteering today. I think I will like it there. Everyone is so friendly and willing to learn. They asked me if I wanted to be on an accessibility group, this is a group for people with disabilities and they talk about things like the accessibility of the website, of venues where their courses are held, etc. I said I’d think about it. One of the staff Brenda also offered that if I needed some extra support during the week that she could arrange for a volunteer to spend an hour with me it would be free of charge and they’d do an activity with me anything that I chose and wanted to do. I jumped at that chance. So yeah good day all around, feeling positive and energised and looking forward to many more happy volunteer days with the organisation.

Meeting with Brenda

so i had my meeting with brenda, the development worker in cork city partnership. the meeting was about me coming on the volunteer team for the friendly call service. however we quickly determined that this would not work out. the software they will be using isnt compatible with my jaws screen reading programme. they were using excel but are moving to t his new specialist software and its a database and quite complex. but brenda said there were other opportunities. she asked me if i’d like to do admin work and reception work. i said yes i’d love to do that. she told me about some schemes that were available, like back to work schemes. one is called tus and one is community employment. i queried them when i got back to my parents and i’m not eligible for tus but I would be eligible for the community employment scheme. however i dont think they have any opportunities in this scheme right now. thats ok though, i’d still like to volunteer my time with them even if i am not on a back to work scheme. i emailed brenda and told her this. i told her i got a really good vibe and felt really welcomed and accepted when i went to meet her. because when i went into the office she wasnt there, she was still on lunch. the guy i met, tony, was so friendly. he talked to me and offered me tea while i waited for brenda to come back. so yeah i think thats somewhere that has a really nice atmosphere and somewhere i’d love to volunteer. i sent brenda my CV and she said she would talk to the girl who is in charge of the reception and front desk. she told me she’d contact me early next week. i’m pretty excited now. at least the blindness isnt holding me back. and they were accepting of it and still wanted me to volunteer with them. so yeah, win win. brenda even offered me a lift to my parents house which was really kind of her and saved me a taxi fare. so yeah am really happy with how it went.