Meeting today with the college psychologist and our OT mark

Today I met with fiona and mark. It was a really productive meeting that lasted about an hour. Fiona asked me about my needs, and I told her how much I was struggling lately with intense ptsd symptoms. She asked me if she should talk to the staff, and I said I thought it might help. I told her how I had a hard time asking for support from staff. One example was the other day the fire drill went off, that triggered us to no end. I told her how that I felt the staff could have handled things better, they could have guided me out of the building for example, since Nitro didnt know the way and I had nobody else to rely on to get me safely out of the building. She said the staff probably werent even thinking about that. She said she’d tell them to check in more with me if they see that I am struggling. I suppose sometimes they dont really know…its not always apparent. She said she’d also talk to Eileen if I felt that would help. I said it might, but that I wanted to ask Eileen her thoughts on that first. So she said I could get back to her on that. She said my IAP is in January, an IAP stands for an individual action plan. We have one every 3 months to set goals and things. This will be my first one since I started last september. We talked a little about it and she told me how it would go, who’d be there and stuff like that. It will be me, fiona, one of my instructors and the manager of the college. She said Mark can be there if I want him to be which I do. I think his support has been invaluable to me. He’s been there every step of the way since I started. Mostly our discussion was around triggers, and training needs and she is going to feed back all that to the rest of the team. We set another date for early January. At that meeting we’re going to talk more about the IAP and trash things out surrounding that. I like that we get to meet monthly, it really helps and its nice to be able to feed back things to her and then she’ll feed them back to the rest of the staff so that I dont have to.