Had a lovely lie in this morning

so it was late when i finally went to bed. i fell asleep right away though which was good.

this morning, nitro woke me at 6:30. i got up with him, let him out, and then decided i’d go back to bed. so for my self care activity today i had a nice sleep in. i went back to bed after letting nitro out and i didnt wake again until 9:45. just what the doctor ordered…lol.

i’ve been pottering around for the rest of the morning. well its lunchtime now i guess, so i need to try to make something. i just feel like eating junk food though. i wont, i’ll make a nice sandwich instead.

mom is sick and is going to the doctor today. she has COPD and she thinks she may have a chest infection.

A friend of mine may come over later this afternoon. I’m not sure yet. waiting for her to text or call me back. i said i’d cook for her though if she did come over.